Tiffany Boone On How She Built Her ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Character With Kerry Washington & More

Tiffany Boone is having a moment. From 'Hunters' to 'Little Fires Everywhere,' Tiffany is taking center stage. She spoke with HL about working with Kerry Washington, that big 'Hunters' reveal, and more.

Tiffany Boone
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Tiffany Boone’s performance in the April 8 episode of Little Fires Everywhere was nothing short of spectacular. The actress played young Mia Warren in the revelatory flashback episode. Mia’s past has had incredible influence over who Mia is in the present day, and Tiffany worked in tandem with Kerry Washington to fully flesh out the character. Tiffany talked with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about her Little Fires experience.

“Once I got the role, I set up a phone call with Kerry and talked for about 30 or 45 minutes,” Tiffany said. “I was picking her brain on how she was building the character and certain things that she thought about her. And then I was on set for about 2 or 3 weeks just watching her and taking notes. I’d go home and go through the entire script every night and add little bits. I’d say, ‘I think she moved her lips like this. I think she moved her hand like this.’ So it was great. She was completely open about whatever I needed. It was wonderful.”

Little Fires Everywhere isn’t the only notable role that Tiffany’s had recently. She’s part of the fantastic ensemble cast of Hunters, which launched on Amazon Prime Video in Feb. 2019. Tiffany plays Roxy Jones, a formidable Nazi hunter. The season finale featured a game-changing twist: Al Pacino’s Meyer Offerman, the leader of the Hunters, was a Nazi all along. After discovering this, Jonah killed him.

Even though Tiffany admitted that she’s usually not surprised by the twists in the projects she’s working on, she didn’t see that Hunters twist coming. However, she revealed it wasn’t a complete shock when Jonah killed Meyer. “I did think Jonah had it in him because he slowly does start to turn before we get there,” Tiffany continued. “I think it had to happen. From where he started to where he ends up, you had to see him come to this point where he understands where we were coming from and why some of this violence is motivated the way it is. He kind of had to take the place of Meyer in this group. I felt like that had to happen, this passing of the torch.”

Tiffany Boone
Tiffany Boone stars in the Amazon drama ‘Hunters.’ (Amazon/Christopher Saunders)

On top of Little Fires Everywhere and Hunters, Tiffany is also starring in the film The Midnight Sky alongside George Clooney. Tiffany raved over her Oscar-winning co-star. “George is the nicest man,” Tiffany told HollywoodLife. “He’s everything you would hope he would be. He’s charismatic. He’s funny. He has the best stories. He’s so sweet. He makes for the coolest set. It’s based on the book Good Morning, Midnight. I’m one of the five crew members on this flight that’s been gone for two years trying to set up this planet that could be habitable for humans. We don’t have any contact with Earth and on our way back we learn there’s been a catastrophic event. We don’t know what’s happening. He [George] is on Earth. He’s trying to connect with us. Obviously, he did Gravity and I truly trust him to teach me how to be an astronaut.” The Midnight Sky is expected to be released in 2020.

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