Katy Perry: How She’s Preparing For The Birth Of Her Baby Girl With Orlando Bloom Like A ‘Total Pro’

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are worried about her giving birth during the pandemic, but they're not going to sweat it too much, a source tells HL EXCLUSIVELY. They're prepping for anything and everything!

Katy Perry
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Katy Perry‘s due date is quickly approaching, and she and fiancé Orlando Bloom are in full planning mode for their baby’s birth. The “Roar” singer, 35, obviously never expected that she would be forced to give birth during a pandemic, but she and Orlando, 43, are dealing with their new reality “in stride,” a source close to the couple tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. While Katy “doesn’t want to scare herself over things she can’t fully control,” the source said, “she’s visiting and speaking with the best doctors, and is more than prepared to have her kid during the [COVID-19] pandemic. Of course, Katy’s excited and antsy about the pregnancy as a whole, but she loves getting to eat like crazy and is taking it all in stride. She’s taking all the necessary precautions for her baby and won’t let the negative thoughts take over.”

While Katy’s understandably nervous about keeping herself and her unborn baby safe from coronavirus, “she’s handling this pregnancy like everything else she does in life — like a total pro,” a second source, close to Katy, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. She’s actually being pretty positive about the whole difficult situation, they added, telling people that she’ll just have a crazy story to tell her daughter one day! A third source revealed that Katy and Orlando are now seriously considering having a home birth, rather than Katy delivering their daughter a hospital during the pandemic. She’s got some experience with this, too; Katy helped her sister, Angela Hudson, deliver her first child at home in 2014!

“Katy actually helped deliver her sister’s first baby right in her living room and it was magical! She now knows how great it can be,” the third source told us EXCLUSIVELY. They stressed that “nothing has been decided yet” when it comes to their daughter’s birth, but fans shouldn’t be surprised if she winds up having her baby at home. “It will all come down to what’s best for Katy and the baby,” they explained. All three sources agreed that there’s one thing that’s certain: Orlando has been a total gem throughout Katy’s entire pregnancy and an amazing support system! “Orlando is helping out and has been a complete rock star through all of it,” the first source said, adding that the couple’s totally “happy” despite the circumstances.

“Overall, she feels blessed that she and Orlando have their health and knows everything else will work itself out. She’s staying calm and Orlando has been there for her above and beyond. She sees how he’s handling this experience, and [feels] that if they can make it through this together, there’s nothing they can’t take on in the future,” our second source said. Here’s to a safe and happy delivery for baby Perry-Bloom!

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