‘KUWTK Preview’: Kris Freaks Khloe Out By Bragging About Getting Physical With Corey Gamble 

Things are going very well in the bedroom for Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble, she reveals in a sizzling preview for an all new 'KUWTK'! Kris shows up late to lunch with Khloe and Kendall after a sultry make-out session with Corey in the car!

This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (tonight, April 9!) seems to be all about Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian‘s pow wows about their love lives. In a new preview, Kris is the one to dish about her sex life with her longtime boyfriend, Corey Gamble. The momager, 64, is late for lunch with Khloe and Kendall Jenner, and shows up admittedly disheveled after a “little make-out session in the car” with Corey, 39.

Kris arrives with her signature sunglasses on and apologizes for being late. “Is there lipstick on my face?” she asks her daughters, who clearly look uncomfortable. “Is that too much?” Kris questions, before she asks, “Is my shirt on right?

When Khloe asks why her mom’s shirt “wouldn’t be on right” for lunch, Kris brushes it off and admits, “It’s just one of those days. Meanwhile, Khloe is wondering where Corey is, since he’s supposed to be at the lunch.

“Corey had to go home and sleep because we were up all night,” Kris says with a smile. “You know how that goes!” And, Khloe’s face is just priceless throughout the awkward exchange. Then, there’s Kendall, who continues to stay silent while sipping her tea.

In a confessional interview, Khloe admits that while she loves the dynamic that she and her sisters have with their mom, sometimes Kris “overshares.”

The waiter then approaches the table with a piece of tiramisu cake, “on the house.”

“This is like a sex dessert,” Kris says while laughing. Khloe, who looks around to see if anyone hears her mother’s antics, whispers at her to “stop saying sex like that.”

“Why? It’s not a dirty word,” Kris adds before yelling, “Sex! Sex!” in the middle of the restaurant.

When it’s time for Kris to hit the confessional, she gushes over how much she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend.

“It’s one of those stages where I cannot get enough of my boyfriend,” she says. However, it’s a little unfair that I’m dating and having the time of my life and Khloe’s not,” she admits. Khloe hasn’t dated anyone since her split with Tristan Thompson, the father of her near-2-year-old daughter, True, in February 2019. 

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