Ellen Pompeo’s Daughter Sienna May, 5, Becomes The Voice Of Social Distancing In Precious Video

If anyone is feeling ‘tested’ by others during this pandemic, then look no further than Ellen Pompeo’s 5-year-old daughter. She has the best advice on how to keep your chill while under quarantine.

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Image Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

“Social distancing 101 from Sienna May,” Ellen Pompeo, 50, captioned her Apr. 5 Instagram post featuring her 5-year-old daughter. In the clip, Sienna expresses frustration at her 3-year-old brother, Eli Christopher. “He is so rude and it’s just…he keeps testing me. Eli, he keeps testing me. Even when I was four, he keeps testing me and even now that I’m 5, he [is] still testing me. Every day he is testing me.” When Ellen asked her daughter what she thinks they should do about the situation, Sienna May had a revelation. “We should separate,” she says.

“#MicDrop,” Ellen added to the video’s caption. Ellen – who isn’t a real doctor, but has famously played Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy for the last fifteen years – has taken the COVID-10 coronavirus pandemic seriously, and has filled her Instagram with videos urging people to say home. A day before sharing Sienna’s advice, she reposted a fanmade vid of Ruff Endz’ “No More” along with the warning about how COVID-19 is dangerous. “No more shopping sprees / No more late-night creeps. No more VIPs’s / No more dough / We can’t kick it no more,” the song goes. “@harryjoshhair knew this was right up my alley …stay safe everyone and please take every precaution seriously,” she wrote.

She also has sent love to the real medical professionals battling the pandemic. This is my nurses and doctors and all the health-care workers appreciation post,” Ellen said in a Mar. 13 video. “Many of us have the privilege to self-quarantine and isolate and try to stay healthy, and none of you have that privilege. You all have to be on the front lines of this thing and what is certainly bad now but will most definitely get worse in the next couple of weeks. So this is just from me and my family to all of you to say thank you. We appreciate you, we love you. Stay safe. Nurses rock, doctors rock, and anyone who works in a hospital or the health-care industry, you rock.”

Amid the real-world pandemic, a crisis has hit the practice of Grey’s Anatomy. Recently, ABC shortened season 16 due to the coronavirus. Production shut down weeks earlier than planned, and the season finale, “Put On A Happy Face,” will air on April 9. Four more episodes were supposed to follow, but there E! News reports there are no plans to finish them this season. Grey’s has been renewed for a 17th season, but star Giacomo Gianniotti, 30, thinks “ that’s where it’ll end, I think, from the conversations that I’ve had with people.”

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