‘Outer Banks’ Trailer: This Epic Adventure Will Be Your Next Netflix Binge Watch

We're all stuck inside for the time being and Netflix is blessing us with another show worthy of binge-watching. The first trailer for 'Outer Banks' has arrived and this adventure is full of twists and turns.

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Summer is still a couple of months away and Outer Banks is going to get you in the mood for sunny days and late nights. The new Netflix show takes us to “Paradise on Earth” and follows four friends — John B., J.J., Kiara, and Pope. Their mission this summer is to have a “good time, all the time.” That good time comes to a screeching (literally) halt when they come across a sunken boat. John B. also comes across information about his missing father.

This leads to a shocking discovery: there’s $400 million in gold out there for the taking. On this treasure hunt, John B. meets Sarah Cameron, the daughter of one of the most powerful men on the island. This quest becomes dangerous very quickly. “If they’re willing to kill for the gold, then it’s gotta be out there, J.J.,” John B. says. J.J. screams back, “Have you lost your mind? If you keep going down this road, you’re going to end up just like your dad!”

John B. and Sarah fall for each other and that doesn’t make her father very happy. “I know you have feelings for John B. But, sweetheart, he’s dangerous,” Ward says. He also has a warning: “Finding it, that’s where your fun ends. That’s where your problems begin.”

The series stars Chase Stokes as John B., Rudy Pankow as J.J., Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Charles Esten as Ward Cameron, Austin North as Topper, and Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron. The first season of Outer Banks will begin streaming April 15.