Kevin Durant Teases Rihanna About Possibly Having COVID-19 After She Jokes About His Diagnosis

Rihanna and Kevin Durant both popped into DJ Spade's Instagram Live session on March 28, and fans couldn't help but notice their back-and-forth banter in the comments!

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DJ Spade had some very famous guests tune in for his Instagram Live chat on March 28 — Rihanna, Kevin Durant and Drake were amongst the thousands of viewers! Rihanna noticed that KD was in the chat, and she made a quip about his recent coronavirus diagnosis in the comments section. “Is KD allowed in here??” she asked. “Should I wear a mask to this live?” After teasing the basketball star, though, she took note of the severity of the coronavirus situation and added, “But for real get well soon KD,” along with a red heart emoji.

Kevin didn’t just let Rihanna get off without throwing some shade back her way, though. “Yo Robyn, didn’t u just come from Europe?” he asked, referencing the coronavirus outbreak overseas and how travel has been restricted. Rihanna replied, “nah easy money s***. Been back in [the US] the last 2 months.” Kevin pointed out that the coronavirus was already “lurkin'” in Europe back in December when Rihanna was there, teasing her that she could very well have the virus, too.

At that point, Drake inserted himself into the conversation. “We have to dead the treyfive corona jokes,” he wrote, with a crying laughing emoji. However, Rihanna chose not to interact with her ex, and did not respond to his comment.

This is not the first time that RiRi and Drake have both taken part in DJ Spade’s quarantine Instagram Live. On March 24, Drake was actually with the DJ for his live session, and Rihanna joked about his appearance while tuning in. “They brought a celebrity to the clash….weak!” she wrote. Drake responded, “DUB PLATE COME PRETTY LIKE A FENTY FOUNDATION,” which was a reference to Rihanna’s beauty brand.

The two went back and forth after that, with Rihanna teasing Drake for being ‘thirsty,’ and him urging her to finally drop her highly-anticipated new album. Now, fans are hoping that these two will reunite in real life after the quarantine regulations are lifted!

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