Dr. Oz Says ‘There’s No Way’ The Country Will Reopen By Easter After Trump’s Claims

In an ongoing national debate, Donald Trump claims he will have America reopened by Easter, but Dr. Oz told HL that this is not feasible considering the current state of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Oz & Donald Trump
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Everyone is looking to professionals for answers about the potential end of our current quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic. When speaking to Dr. Mehmet Oz about the president’s suggestion the country could reopen in time for Easter, the TV show host revealed he didn’t think it would be possible. “I think it’s unlikely that most of the country will be ready on Easter. It’s possible that some parts might, we need to have a national debate about whether we want to try to let some of the country come back to work and keep the rest of the country out,” he said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “There’s no way in New York, Los Angeles, the major urban areas that have been hit hard, like Seattle, are going to be able to come back by Easter.”

He continued, “I’d say a great day for resurrection, but it won’t be possible for some of the major areas, especially where I am in New York City, the epicenter of this pandemic in this country. It’s impossible.” Dr. Oz revealed that at this point, he is most concerned about the health and safety of America’s healthcare providers. “If they get sick, we all go down and that’s the weak link in the system,” he explained. “There are some trials of medications we’re going to experiment with to see if they can help reduce the chance of catching the virus, if you’re taking care of someone. There’s some tactics that are being used in hospitals to try to protect the doctors and nurses as best as possible. But we need enough equipment.”

To continue to slow the spread and help protect the doctors and nurses, Dr. Oz urged all Americans to remain inside and listen to CDC guidelines. “We need less crowded circumstances, which is why for the average American, to hunker down and not get sick now is critical, because we don’t have the resources to take care of everybody if we all get sick at once.”

Dr. Oz continues to film his FOX show from home, which is in its 11th season (!), The Dr. Oz Show. Tune in at 1 PM ET!

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