At Home With Dita Von Teese: Her Smart Solution To Toilet Paper Shortage & Her Everyday Workout

Your favorite stars are talking EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife about how they are spending their time in quarantine. Today, we chat with Dita Von Teese.

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In this unprecedented time, the world is collectively dealing with the new reality of spending all of our time at home — and this includes your favorite stars. Like Dita Von Teese: You know her best as a burlesque dancer, model, and a costume designer, but right now, she’s stuck at home, just like you! We caught up with her to see how she’s making the most of her time while in self-isolation:

What are you binge watching during the quarantine? I’m watching my favorite WW2 era musicals. I’ve always been inspired by 1940s films made during wartime, especially the lavish technicolor films, because it’s a reminder that even then, when men were off fighting in horrible wars,  during the most dreadful times, it was important for people to have beauty, music and laughter to keep up morale. The plots in many of these films echo what was happening in the world with the war, but at the same time depicted hope without being completely escapist. These films are what first sparked my love of vintage glamour and burlesque, so it feels good to revisit them now, and to see the parallels of what we are going through now too.

What are you doing to workout and stay fit at home? I have been doing mat classes live on Instagram with a studio called Winsor Choza Pilates. I normally get up and do my workouts in a class setting, so it’s not been easy to motivate without the help of my workout buddies. It’s very generous of all these instructors to offer free classes right now while people need it. It’s good even to watch and see a class once, and then see if you might like to try it the next day.  Saul Choza is showing variations that suit beginners, and I can’t stress how important it is to have someone leading that is good with giving the verbal cues that help you understand how to do exercises correctly. A few fans have asked me to lead, but I feel it’s important to leave it to the pros. I really love knowing I can watch and do pilates live while others are doing the same all over the world, and so grateful that people are offering their classes for people for free while money is tight for many of us. I hope people come out of all this discovering something new: maybe a new workout, a dance class, yoga… so many people are offering things right now. Oh, and the other thing I’m doing is working on my bullwhipping tricks, which is a hobby I picked up last year to add to my Glamonatrix show!

Dita shared this photo with us as she explored her backyard to get some fresh air. “I’m working on my bullwhipping skills in my backyard too!”

What are your at home quarantine essentials? What did you stock up on before? I do love to cook, so I’ve been making vegetable stews and  veggie pot pies. There wasn’t much left at the market by the time I went, so I went ahead and bought produce I don’t usually use — like a gargantuan celery root! It’s fun to try something new! I’ve been trying to carefully calculate what I have here, and how to use it efficiently.  I also love, but recently had my subscription frozen, because I thought I was going on tour right now for 9 weeks in Europe. So, I made sure I signed up again the other day. I find it more efficient than shopping for groceries for full meals, normally. And without being a “hoarder”, I am that person that buys three or four things of each of my essentials, like soap and toothpaste, so I had some things stocked already. I’d also been talking about buying myself a new bidet toilet for about a year, so I finally did it in the knick of time before we went into isolation, so no worries about TP!

What’s on your Quarantine playlist? George Michael has been my go-to lately. Pretty much throughout my life when I’m feeling blue, actually. I especially love his ballads. His voice soothes me like no other for some reason, and his ballads are thoughtful and lovely. I’ve also been listening to the Radioooo app, which is so much fun. You choose a country on the world map, a year, and then you get songs from that time and place. It’s so much fun to discover interesting, fun and strange music!

Stick with HollywoodLife for more from your favorite stars as they self-isolate, just like we hope you are! Stay well!