Ryan Higa Responds To Rumor He Cheated On Arden Cho After Her Cryptic Instagram Messages

YouTube star Ryan Higa was forced to respond to a rumor that he cheated on Arden Cho on March 24. The rumor was ignited by fans after Arden posted song lyrics on her Instagram Story.

Ryan Higa Arden Cho
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“Idk who decided I was relevant enough to start a rumor on, but NO, I did not cheat on Arden at any point throughout our relationship. Sorry to spoil your quarantine boredom,” Ryan Higa, 29, tweeted in the early hours of March 24. Ryan is responding to a rumor that got started on social media after Arden Cho, 34, posted song lyrics on her Instagram Story just hours before.

“I hate you and all your lies,” the actress wrote. “Makes me wish I could turn back the time. To a better day before I called you mine.” Arden makes it clear that she’s “writing another sad song” and never says who the song is about.

One week before responding to the rumor, Ryan posted his first YouTube video in 3 months. He titled the video “My Midlife Crisis.” In his YouTube video, he said that he was single. “I am no longer dating anyone. I am not dating Ms. Chay anymore. I know some of you have already figured it out because of looking at our other social medias, but I never really said anything here on YouTube.” He added that it “wasn’t a messy breakup” and it was “very mutual” split.

Ryan and Arden first went public with their relationship in March 2019 in one of Ryan’s YouTube videos. He referred to Arden as “Arden Chay” in his song about their relationship in his video. Arden appeared in a number of Ryan’s YouTube videos throughout the year.

No one knows exactly when Ryan and Arden split up. Ryan never specified in his YouTube video and Arden has no publicly commented on their breakup. Arden still has the photos she posted of Ryan in 2019 on her Instagram page.

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