Michelle Obama Shares Advice On How To Cope With ‘Anxiety, Loneliness & Fear’ During Crisis

Former First Lady Michelle Obama wanted her Instagram followers to know 'you are not alone' during the current global pandemic. She took to the social media platform with a powerful message of hope and resources on how to support communities.

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Michelle Obama didn’t hesitate to use her platform for good when she took to Instagram on March 22. The Former First Lady, 56, began her carousel post, which featured resources for how citizens can help their community during the Coronavirus pandemic, with a reassuring message. “These past few weeks have been scary and difficult for many of us. We just don’t have a roadmap for what we’re currently experiencing—that in and of itself can bring up feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and fear,” she said. “Not to mention the worry we feel about the health and safety of our parents, children, and loved ones and the financial security of so many families.”

Then, Mrs. Obama comforted those who read her message, saying, “Whatever you’re going through right now, I want you to know you aren’t alone. Even as we practice social distancing, this new normal is something we are figuring out together.” The Former First Lady, who has always been so incredibly open with the American public about her struggles, journey through life, and more, even got personal during her heartfelt message. “As for me, I know when I’m feeling overwhelmed that picking up the phone and calling one of my girlfriends can work wonders. I also know staying close to my community helps me to feel connected and strong.” Then, ever the resourceful leader, Mrs. Obama provided in her post “a few suggestions” to help everyone stay close to their community.

Among the string of suggestion Mrs. Obama made, some included giving working parents a respite by offering to read a story to their child as they adjusted to this new normal. Another posed by the former First Lady asked her followers to make sure they were picking up groceries for “your most at-risk and older neighbors by leaving a note on the door.” One creative solution to lessening the stress of our world’s current situation also included calling a local hospital and ordering take-out for nurses, doctors, and staff who are bravely working around the clock to ensure the health of so many struggling patients. But it was her final message that gave her followers the most comfort.

The final image in the carousel post read, “One more thing…be gentle with yourself.” As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization continue to research day and night ways to combat and contain the spread of COVID-19, many are feeling overwhelmed. But Mrs. Obama’s inspiring, uplifting message gave her followers the hope that they needed for the day.

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