Jennifer Lopez Believes God Gave Her The ‘Selena’ Biopic Role For A Reason: ‘To Learn From Her’

Jennifer Lopez celebrated 23 years since the release of her Selena Quintanilla-Pérez biopic, ahead of the 25th anniversary of the singer's death, on March 31.

Jennifer Lopez paid tribute to Selena Quintanilla-Pérez‘s legacy on the 23rd anniversary of the release of her biopic Selena. The “Let’s Get Loud” hitmaker took to Instagram on March 21 to share an emotional tribute video in which she honored the late Mexican-American singer, who was killed 25 years ago on March 31. “I can’t believe it’s been 23 years since this incredible movie came out and 25 years since her passing,” the 50-year-old wrote on social media. “Selena was such an inspiration to me and I was so lucky to be chosen to play her. As an artist, this movie truly was an experience I’m going to remember for the rest of my life,” Jen added, asking fans to share their best Selena memories in the comments section.

The emotional clip tied together scenes from Selena’s life, and clips from the movie in which J-Lo portrayed her stunningly. “I just go right back to the beginning of the movie and the first day of shooting and really trying to find the essence of who she was,” Jen reminisced in the video tribute. “She was an artist, and she was singing from the time she was nine years old, maybe younger. Learning how she sang, all her mannerisms and how she danced — studying the tape of her became really important.” She also added, “There’s a part of you that grows in the best characters that you do. Selena was that for me.” It’s clear the role was an important one for the Super Bowl Half Time star!

Jen refers to Selena as “an inspiration” numerous times in the video and, at one point, begins to tear up as she explains the role’s personal resonance. “It still gets me, to this day, because it really did mark my life at that time. And to get to know the family and work with them and everything, it was just… it was an important part of my life,” she said, adding, “She’s just one of those very special type of artists that with her music and with her spirit and her joy and her heart, she really touched people.” J-Lo also said she felt lucky to be chosen for the role, and believed it was part of a greater plan, “God sent me that role for a reason, so I could learn from her, so I could always have her as an inspiration,” she said in the video.

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Jennifer Lopez in Selena. Image: Shutterstock

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