Emergency Tiara Brings A Burst Of Neon Joy To Your Gloomy Day With Her ‘Do Not Disturb’ Video

Though we're living in dark times, Emergency Tiara is here to shine a light and remind women everywhere to be 'brave' with her illuminating video for her empowering video, 'Do Not Disturb.'

With a gloriously blend of 80s New Wave, 60s French pop, and 90s riot grrl rock, Emergency Tiara delivers a refreshingly modern message to those who dare to make you feel down: “Do Not Disturb.” For such an undeniable bop, Emergency Tiara required a video that shone as bright as she does on this incredible track. And for the video – premiering here on HollywoodLife – all she required was herself, a few neon lights, and nothing more. As Emergency Tiara dances, she celebrates the uniqueness that is her. She needs nothing else to be happy, and that is the statement at the center of this striking visual.

“I’m not a typically emotional person,” Emergency Tiara tells HollywoodLife. “So for me, this video was a fun challenge to not only let go physically and emotionally but also filming it alone without anywhere to hide. I hope this song and video encourages other women to be brave themselves!” If a woman (or anyone) ever needs an emotional boost and a reminder of the power that lies within, all they have to do is play “Do Not Disturb.” Joy, affirmation, and one hell of a song are just a click away.

“Do Not Disturb” is the fourth track from Emergency Tiara’s 2019 album, Unsophisticated Circus. Described as a collection of “sassy, anthemic and unapologetic pop songs,” the album melds up-tempo 60s bops with modern pop to create a sound that effortlessly blends the eras of Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark and Nico with that of Lady Gaga, Pink and Katy Perry. It’s a sound that has found a loyal following, and ET just wrapped up a successful tour alongside Belinda Carlisle. But, ET is more than just a band. Juri Jinnai is the Tokyo-born, NYC-based creative mastermind behind the pop-art experiment that is Emergency Tiara. She says ET is a project that she says is about personal freedom (a message that couldn’t come at a better time.)

Lisa Richov
Lisa Richov

“Emergency Tiara is about exploring what’s been suppressed,” she said in a statement. “When I’m on the stage, it’s like I have a free pass to be who I am and do what I want to do, without worrying about hurting feelings or being polite. On the stage, I can be more self-involved, in a healthy way, and just allow myself to be who I am. So, it’s very freeing for me, and hopefully everyone at the show.”

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music (classically trained in voice and piano), Jinnai brings a refined grace and an unabashed exuberance to Emergency Tiara. It’s a vibe that her fans — dubbed her “Royalty,” in a move of inclusion —  have welcomed. “I want everyone to feel special,” Jinnai said in the statement. “We’ve been fortunate enough to perform largely for LGBTQ and fashion communities, who treated us like superstars, and it’s been an absolute honor and thrill to play for these crowds.”

Unsophisticated Circus is out now.

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