Joe Giudice Rails Against Italy’s Coronavirus Lockdown: ‘More People Die From Viagra’

Joe Giudice couldn't believe Italy's lockdown amid the Coronavirus pandemic, calling his own Salerno neighborhood a 'ghost town' in a new Instagram video.

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Joe Giudice sounded off with his opinion on the growing Coronavirus pandemic. Now living in Salerno, Italy since his 2019 deportation, Joe observed how the current lockdown, which took effect on March 10, has effected the country and even his own neighborhood. Joe took to his personal Instagram account on March 10, taking a video of the buildings, empty street, and sidewalk near his residence. Throughout the video, Joe called the lockdown “ridiculous,” and commented that his own neighborhood looked like a “ghost town.” His frustrations were further explained in his caption. “More people die from Viagra (heart attacks and drug overdose) everyday than this Corona virus,” he began the accompanying text. “People here are frantic because government is ridiculous with 🔒down !!!! Sorry Lock down not for me Never again !!!!! Stay safe 🌎 eat healthy, exercise, and no shaking and 🧼 👏!”

His comments offered the same sentiment. When a fan commented on Joe’s video that he should let people know “it’s ok to travel there,” he responded that he “always take safety advice I was in prison for four years the key is always wash your hands and you’ll be ok.” Other fans shared their own concern for Coronavirus’s global effect. “Yea it’s crazy,” one fan wrote, adding, “People are all worried here in the states too but still going to work.” Another shared, “It is insane all my relatives in Italy are telling me not to come in April for Easter so I had to cancel everything and it’s not even in their hometown but in the states it’s no better.”

And it seems the effect is growing with each day. The respiratory disease has already reached over 100 locations internationally, including the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In New York state alone, there are currently 142 confirmed cases as of March 9. Symptoms of the virus have been likened to the Flu, with signs of the active disease including cough, fever, trouble breathing, and pneumonia, per the Department of Health for New York state.

Already, the international effect of the virus has hit. Schools have closed, and some workplaces are encouraging their employees to work from home. On March 9, the stock market fell seven percent in it’s opening hour. As of March 10, the Coronavirus death toll in the United States has risen to over 25 persons with the global death toll nearing well over 4,000. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, South By Southwest Film Festival, and more events have been canceled as a result and precautions continue to be taken by countries around the world.