‘IANOWT’ Stars Sophia Lillis & Wyatt Oleff: The Show ‘Absolutely Reflects’ Our Real-Life Friendship

'I Am Not Okay With This' is currently streaming now and HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with stars Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff about reuniting for a new project, their real-life friendship, and more.

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I Am Not Okay With This is one heck of an eye-catching title for an amazing new show. But the show has more than just a great title. I Am Not Okay With This is anchored by a terrific cast and story. The Netflix series, which is now streaming, stars Sophia Lillis, 18, and Wyatt Oleff, 16. These two talented young actors have worked together before in the IT movies but now they’re embracing brand-new characters: Sydney and Stanley. Sydney and Stanley form almost an instant friendship when they meet and bond over Sydney’s newfound powers. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with the Sophia and Wyatt at the Feb. 25 premiere of I Am Not Okay With This about tackling these fascinating (and super relatable) characters.

“When I originally got the audition, I read the breakdown of the character and I was like, ‘This sounds just like who I am. This is me,'” Wyatt told HollywoodLife. “I saw that Sophia was playing Sydney and I’m like, ‘Okay that’s pretty cool, too.’ And then Jonathan Entwistle directing, you kind of have to get this one. I went in and luckily I got the part and I’ve just had such a blast playing Stanley. I think he’s such a fun character to play. I haven’t really played someone who is sort of the more comedic relief side of the series. He’s definitely got a lot more opportunities to improvise and I appreciate that. I’ve been trying to take advantage of that.”

Wyatt, who was wearing the exact baby blue suit at the premiere that Stanley wears in the series, also discussed Sydney and Stanley’s relationship. “They’re really comfortable with each other and Sophia and I have that relationship in real-life where we can just trust each other and just be comfortable with each other. I’m really lucky to be working with her again. She’s amazing. I think the show absolutely reflects our real-life relationship as well.”

Sophia jumped into our interview and teamed up with Wyatt for the rest of our chat. She weighed in about why she wanted to play the character of Sydney. “I think she was a great interesting character that I haven’t done yet,” she said. “She’s funny, she keeps messing up, but it’s really endearing. She tries her best despite her trauma and despite having a recent loss. I just really admired her and I thought it would be such an interesting character to play.”

Sydney has two core friendships in I Am Not Okay With This with Dina and Stanley. “I love Dina. Dina’s amazing,” Sophia continued. “She’s like the perfect friend and she’s always there but I think she [Sydney] really needs someone like Stanley because… despite not knowing him as well as Dina, he kind of shows her a different part of her. I feel like that’s a really important thing for her to [be able to] grow up.”

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