Amy Klobuchar Tells Candidates At Dem Debate: ‘If We Tear Each Other Apart, Trump Wins’

Amy Klobuchar called for unity between the Democratic candidates at the Feb. 25 debate, reminding her competitors that if they don't stop fighting, Donald Trump will win again in November.

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Senator Amy Klobuchar had an urgent message for her fellow Democrats at the February 25 debate: constantly fighting within the party is just going to make it easier for Donald Trump to get re-elected in November 2020. “If we spend the next four months tearing our party apart, we’re going to watch Donald Trump spend the next four years tearing our country apart,” the Minnesota senator, 59, said when she was able to get a word in edgewise. Her remark came roughly halfway through the Democratic debate in South Carolina, during which her competitors yelled over each other, at each other, and consistently interrupted the moderators.

While she’s all for party unity, Klobuchar stressed that she doesn’t think everyone onstage would be a better president than herself — especially Senator Bernie Sanders, 78. “My point is that we need to get back to what’s happening right now,” she explained. “We have a clear choice of who’s going to lead this party. And I am the only one at the New Hampshire debate, when asked if I had a problem with a Socialist leading the ticket, I raised my hand. I like Bernie; we came in together to the Senate. But, I do not think this is the best person to lead the ticket.”

Elsewhere in the debate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, 70, went for the jugular again with former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, 78, again bringing up the non-disclosure agreements in settlements with female employees at Bloomberg LP. Bloomberg noted that he agreed to her demand to release women from existing NDAs and allow them to speak.

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Senator Amy Klobuchar looks on as former Vice President Joe Biden (L) and businessman Tom Steyer (R) argue at the South Carolina Democrat debate, 2/25/20 (Patrick Semansky/AP/Shutterstock)

Former Vice President Joe Biden, 77, and billionaire businessman Tom Steyer, 62, got into a shouting match over their records on race, Biden first blasting Steyer for investing in private prisons. “You wrote the crime bill,” Steyer said, referring to the 1994 bill signed by President Bill Clinton. “Tommy come lately,” Biden quipped in response.

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