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Porsha Williams’ Daughter Pilar, 11 Mos., Jams Out On the Drums In Cute New Video — Watch

Porsha Williams is determined to introduce her daughter Pilar to musical instruments at an early age. PJ turns one next month and already has a tiny drum kit.

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Porsha Williams
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Porsha Williams‘ daughter Pilar Jhena is growing up so fast. She’s turning one on March 22, 2020 and already PJ is already starting to talk. Not only that, she’s learning some musical skills. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha, 38, bought her daughter a little pink drum kit and tried to teach her how to use it in a series of Instagram videos posted on Feb. 21. In the first video, Pilar is seen in a white onesie with white bows in her hair. She has the blue plastic drumsticks in her hand, but seems more interested in chewing on one of them.

In the next video, PJ is seated in front of her pink drum set. Mama Porsha taps on one of the drums with her perfectly manicured fingers and her daughter begins banging on it. But PJ gets a little distracted and did’t seem to get the full hang of what she should be doing the with the drumsticks. Eventually she stood up and fell over, knocking off one of the drums down with her.

Porsha remains committed to her daughter learning the drums. She can be heard cheering her on, saying “I love it boo boo. Hey gimme a beat! Pop pop pop,” while holding her daughter’s hand to bang on the instrument. She later added a cymbal to the drum kit, which PJ made good use of. “Gimme a beat PP. Get it girl,” she sweetly tells her daughter.  In the third video, Porsha keeps encouraging Pilar, who is still getting the hang of what she’s supposed to be doing. “Whatcha gonna play? Whatcha gonna play for us PJ?” she asks her little girl.

Porsha might want to think about a new instrument in the future if PJ really takes to the drums. Fellow mom Chrissy Teigen learned what a mistake a drum set is for a child. She bought one for her son Miles, 1, in Dec. 2019 and posted video of him loudly banging away on it. “What have I done?” she can be heard moaning over all of the noise from the drums. She shared the video to her Twitter and wrote, “I am the dumbest” for buying her toddler such noise machine.