‘The Bold Type’ Sneak Peek: Sutton Gets Overwhelmed With Planning Her Wedding

Sutton's got a wedding to plan but she's feeling the pressure. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Feb. 20 episode, Sutton vents a little to Oliver and wishes Richard was with her to help.

While Oliver doesn’t think it gets any better than getting paid to plan your own wedding, Sutton is feeling the stress in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Feb. 20 episode of The Bold Type. “I do wish Richard was here, though,” Sutton tells Oliver. “It is our wedding.” Planning a wedding is hard for any bride to take on without her groom by her side.

“Yeah, but the dress is all you,” Oliver says. “If you stick to tradition, he shouldn’t see it until the big day anyway.” Sutton is thinking about a lot right now. “Am I going to stick to tradition? I’m not exactly traditional,” she admits. Oliver knows she has a point. “So many white dresses,” an overwhelmed Sutton says as she looks at her computer screen. Thank goodness she’s got Jane and Kat to help her out.

Richard is currently all the way across the country pursuing a new business venture. At the moment, Sutton and Richard are trying to do the long-distance thing while planning their wedding. It’s not easy for either of them but these two have weathered worst storms before.

The synopsis for the Feb. 20 episode reads: “Jane’s in-depth look at millennial weddings comes to a screeching halt when she uncovers a secret about Jacqueline. Overwhelmed by her current assignment and against uniforms of all kinds, Sutton decides to focus her energy on helping Carly take on her school uniform policy, without running it by Oliver. Meanwhile, Kat thinks she can handle uncomplicated dating, only to find it’s more complicated than she thought.” The Bold Type season 4 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Freeform.

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