Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Share Steamy Elevator Kiss In Paris & Fans Are Swooning: ‘This Is Everything’

Romance was in the air while Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did some high-end designer clothes shopping in Paris. They passionately made out in a glass elevator.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
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Shopping sure brings out the passion in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s marriage. The couple took a whirlwind trip to Paris on Feb. 19 and hit up designer Jean Paul Gaultier‘s exclusive store. As they were leaving, the couple made out in a glass elevator. Kanye, 42, had his back pressed against one side while Kim, 39, leaned in and placed her hands on her husband’s shoulders. As the elevator reached the lobby level, the couple ended their lip lock and Kanye walked out of the elevator with the biggest smile on his face. Smiling isn’t really Kanye’s thing, so kissing Kim must have made him really happy.

Kim was still wearing the gorgeous JPG dress that she donned all day as she shared tons of Instagram photos and videos. The colorful and skin-tight frock hugged her amazing curves, so no wonder Kanye was so turned on. Fans reacted on Twitter, as user Kristy was so excited she tweeted in all caps, “KIM & KANYE MAKING OUT IN THE ELEVATOR IS EVERYTHING.”

However some fans noticed that as soon as the elevator doors opened, Kanye immediately walked out, leaving Kim behind with a bunch of bags containing their purchases. Princess Iman tweeted, “But why Kanye leave kim in the elevator with all the bags?” while user hb wrote, “Not at Kanye leaving Kim in that elevator alone to pick up all them bags.” Kim wasn’t even done picking up all of the purchases from the floor of the elevator before the doors started to close. Maybe Kanye was hungry again and wanted to hurry up and go on another KFC run

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Kanye 😂😂

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In a series of photos and videos from her time at Gaultier’s store, Kim shared a mirror selfie of herself in the background in her amazing dress, with Kanye in the foreground eating from a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. She also shared video of the couple at a Parisian kiosk, placing the KFC order by video touch screen then going to pick up the bucket at a nearby counter. Kim was in the same dress seen in all of the pics inside Gaultier’s atelier, so shopping not only makes Kanye passionate, it makes him hungry!

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