Kim Kardashian Passionately Kisses Kanye West While Promoting SKIMS In NYC — Watch PDA Video

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren't into showing much PDA, so it was a rare treat to see the couple passionately kiss as she launched her SKIMS at Nordstrom's in NYC.

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It was a big day for Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMS solution wear. She launched all of her products at Nordstrom’s in New York City and there was literally a line formed around the block for her arrival. It wasn’t just the products hanging from racks, as she had a full on fashion show that looked very familiar to her husband Kanye West‘s Yeezy shows. It turns out, he was there for it, as her models with various body sizes stood in formation in a variety of SKIMS shape wear, as if they were mannequins. They then stood along moving escalators between floors in a runway sort of mode. Kanye was so happy with how it went off and so proud of Kim that the two passionately kissed once it was over.

Kanye, 42, likely creative directed the fashion show, as it looked very similar to his Yeezy shows. Kim mixed and mingled with her fans and even worked the cash register for a time. Unfortunately she had the flu, as she revealed in several of her Instagram stories from the event. After she was done with her appearance, she left with Kanye and he gave her a cute pat on the behind in addition to the kiss. It’s so cute that he didn’t care if he contracted the flu from his wife. He just wanted to smooch. Kim told others who gave her hugs goodbye to use hand sanitizer, as she was sick.

The day was a massive success for 39-year-old Kim. She kicked it off with an appearance on Good Morning America, promoting SKIMS. From there she headed to an 11:30am appearance at the 57th street Nordstrom’s, where she showed in her IG st that there was literally a line around the block of the store of people waiting in the cold weather to meet her and check out her SKIMS items. And boy did she give them one heck of a fashion show once they were inside!

It was also an opportunity for the savvy businesswoman to promote her KKW Beauty line. Kim shared in her IG stories that all of the models in her SKIMS fashion show were using makeup from her cosmetics brand. Between SKIMS and her KKW Beauty, Kim is building a serious business empire. Pretty soon she’ll become her family’s next billionaire.