Justin Bieber Gives David Beckham’s Daughter, 8, A Huge Hug After She Watches His Concert

In one of the cutest videos ever, Justin Bieber took time out of his London concert to give one of his biggest fans – 8-year-old Harper Beckham – a hug, which left David and Victoria's daughter smiling.

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Image Credit: Rex/Shutterstock

“Fun night @JustinBieber,” David Beckham, 44, captioned a shot of his 8-year-old daughter, Harper Seven Beckham, that the soccer icon posted to his Instagram Stories on Feb. 11. David had taken Harper and Cruz Beckham, 14, to catch Justin’s intimate acoustic concert in London. While fans packed Indigo at The O2 to watch Justin, 25, perform his new music, the Beckhams caught the show from backstage. “[Justin] making them smile,” David captioned another story of his two children watching Justin do his thing. Justin certainly Harper smile when, during “Love Yourself,” he greeted her with a massive hug before going back to his concert.

The Beckhams and the Biebers are actually closer than one would think. They’re neighbors in LA, according to The Sun, and Harper even trick-or-treated Justin last Halloween. Plus, Justin and David’s friendship goes back years. “We’ve hung out a few times,” Justin said in 2012, per CapitalFM. Justin said at the time that David and his sons, Cruz, Brooklyn, and Romeo, even visited him in the studio. He also added that the former Manchester United star keeps in touch with him, despite them often being on opposite sides of the globe. “He’s just a super down to earth guy. [He] checks in once in a while and texts me.”

They also tease each other, like how Justin posted a trollish throwback in January 2019. In the picture, the young Justin (sporting a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey) stands next to David. “Me and @brooklynbeckham dad,” he said, referring to football icon (and the man who captured Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham’s heart) as “Brooklyn Beckham’s dad.” It would be like saying Brad Pitt was “Shiloh Pitt-Jolie’s papa.” The shade.

But, as David’s appearance at Justin’s concert proves, it was all in good fun.

This show was Justin’s first performance in England since 2016, according to Metro (and Harper was there, fangirling like the rest of England’s Beliebers.) This would also explain why he was mobbed like he was a member of The Beatles of BTS after he touched down. After arriving in London, fans swarmed around Justin. However, Biebs didn’t look bothered at all. With his dyed blonde hair, mustache, and security guard, Justin was reportedly nonchalant as he got into his car and drove away. With his new album, Changes, about to drop on Feb. 14, it seems that nothing will shake Bieber. It’s all smiles and hugs for him.