Donald Trump Gets Mocked As Photo Showing His ‘Bad’ Tan Lines Goes Viral- ‘Is This Real?’

A photo of President Donald Trump showing off a tan while walking on the White House lawn caught the attention of many Twitter followers on Feb. 7 and they had a lot of interesting things to say about the look.

Donald Trump
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UPDATE: (2/8/20, 3:24 pm ET) — Donald responded to the photo that people have been mocking and claimed it was photoshopped. “More Fake News. This was photoshopped, obviously, but the wind was strong and the hair looks good? Anything to demean!” he tweeted in response to a black and white version of the photo going around.

Donald Trump, 73, seemed to show off a tan on Feb. 7 but not everyone was impressed! A photo showing the U.S. president returning to the White House from Charlotte, NC made its way around Twitter and because of the eye-catching color contrast in his face, followers were quick to tweet out their thoughts. In the pic, his hair can be seen blowing in the wind while a darker toned area of his skin takes up the inner part of his face. Although it’s not clear if the color was from a tan or even makeup, the bold responses to the photo proved that it made quite the impact.

“The spray tan bottle exploded,” one Twitter follower wrote in response to the pic while another questioned, “Is this real?” “Scary,” another tweeted while others compared his look to clips that showed random videos of people either putting on too much makeup or forgetting to blend their makeup. The mocking didn’t stop there, either. “Holy sh*t look at those tan lines,” another person tweeted while yet another wrote that it “Looks like he face-planted into a plate of marinara.”

Some of these tweets may be a bit harsh but it’s not the first time Donald has been mocked online. Since stepping into his position as U.S. president in 2016, he’s had many viral moments that sparked various reactions from social media users, including when he mistakenly called Kansas City’s state Kansas instead of Missouri in the tweet he posted to congratulate the Kansas City Chiefs for winning the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. Once backlash started rolling in, he quickly changed it to label the correct state.

Donald has yet to respond to the criticisms about his supposed tan but since he often posts controversial tweets with some of his critics, we wouldn’t be surprised if he has something to say in the near future!

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