‘Marriage Boot Camp’s Joseline Hernandez & Fiancé Balistic Beats Spill Wedding Plans

Joseline Hernandez is feeling 'so much pressure' as she plans her wedding with Balistic Beats. The engaged couple did, however, offer exciting details about the upcoming nuptials before the premiere of 'Marriage Boot Camp'!

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Joseline Hernandez, Balistic Beats
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In the Feb. 6 premiere of Marriage Boot Camp, you’ll see Joseline Hernandez, 33, offer Balistic Beats an ultimatum — and it works! Joseline and Balistic are now engaged and planning their wedding, which the couple told HollywoodLife more about in an EXCLUSIVE interview before the premiere. “Well, I feel like something is going to be happening before this year’s over,” Joseline teased. She knows her peers want more definitive answers soon, though. The VH1 star added, “So much pressure from the whole wide world. Everybody’s like, ‘Are you guys going to do it, are you guys not, are you guys getting married, are you guys engaged?’ It’s like, it’s so much pressure.”

For now, everything’s up in the air — even the wedding itself! “Anything could happen in the midst, I mean, anything could happen. It’s life, we’re human. So, maybe she might not want to. Maybe I may not want to,” Balistic, whose real name is Robin Ingouma, confessed. The couple does know one thing for sure, though — who their flower girl will be (if the wedding happens, that is). We asked Joseline if her three-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan, whom she shares with ex Stevie J, will be involved in the nuptials. To that, the future bride said, “Absolutely, she will be in the wedding. She’s the flower girl.”

While an ultimatum may not be the traditional path to a proposal, it worked in Joseline and Balistic’s case. “Because, I wanted him to know that, ‘Hey baby, I love you AND I want to be your wife.’ You know what I’m saying? So I just have to let him know how I was feeling. And that’s why we went to the boot camp,” Joseline explained.

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Balistic didn’t mind the ultimatum, it turns out. “Yeah, but I’m cool with it though because I love Joseline. We’re growing, we’re growing day by day, stronger, day by day. So we’ve been through a lot and I’m ready,” the music producer declared. He has been engaged to Joseline for quite some time now — in Sept. 2019, he shared a screenshot of his birthday text from Joseline, which she ended by calling herself “Your fiancé.”

Joseline and Balistic not only have wedding planning on their mind, but family plans as well. Both were open to the idea of welcoming children together! In a separate EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife on Feb. 5, we asked the Marriage Boot Camp stars if they’d be open to starting a family soon. The question didn’t faze Balistic, because he exclaimed, “Yeah, absolutely!” Joseline was a bit more cautious, since she joked that they’d be expecting a child “more like [in] 2023 or 2022.”

You can watch Joseline and Balistic tackle even more important conversations about their relationship on Marriage Boot Camp, which airs Thursdays on WE-TV at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET.