‘The Biggest Loser’ Preview: Kim Davis Cries After Steve Cook’s Encouraging Words — Watch

Kim Davis is working her hardest in the gym and trainer Steve Cook is right there to cheer her on in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of 'The Biggest Loser.'

“There are just certain times when you just cant believe your body can do one more rep,” Kim Davis, 57, says in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Feb. 4 episode of The Biggest Loser. Kim is a breast cancer survivor and started out her fitness journey at 242 pounds. “I’m hoping that I’ve gotten the stamina, the endurance, to be able to keep up with these kids because I’m ready to make myself the healthiest version of me I can be,” Kim admits. Kim is part of the Blue Team on the show.

Kim is trying her hardest in the gym even though the workouts can be incredibly grueling. Trainer Steve Cook has her back and continues to encourage her when she wants to quit. He tells her to think about “hard it was when you were going through cancer. You’ve been through hell and back. You give yourself this little time in the gym that same effort, that same determination, and there is nothing that will ever stop you.”

The Biggest Loser contestant begins to cry when Steve says these meaningful words to her. Kim admits that she’s tired but she’s not giving up. “I believe in you,” Steve says to her. That and her own determination gives Kim the motivation to keep going.

Kim hails from Mulberry, Tennessee. She works as a top tour guide at a popular whiskey distillery. Nearly 20 years ago, Kim won her battle with breast cancer. Now she’s ready to change her life and kickstart her health journey on The Biggest Loser alongside the other contestants. The series airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on USA Network.

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