‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Tee Tee Confronts Pepa Over Her Drama With Sam — Watch

Tee Tee is determined to set the record straight about what's going on with her and Sam in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Jan. 30 episode of 'Growing Up Hip Hop.'

It’s time for Tee Tee to tell her side of the story and she goes straight to Pepa to do so in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new Growing Up Hip Hop. She has a number of issues to go over with Pepa. The first is that she has a problem with Sam walking around saying that she loves him. Her second issue is that Egypt now believes that she has done things to make Sam feel like she’s in love with him.

Her third and final issue is that Pepa apparently co-signed on saying all of this is true. Basically, the situation is a hot mess. Pepa takes this opportunity to ask Tee Tee whether or not she is (or was) in love with Sam. “Are you real?” Tee Tee fires back after a long pause. “I don’t even f**king like him.”

The drama isn’t settling any time soon between Tee Tee, Sam, and Egypt. “I have warned Tee Tee over and over to stay out of Egypt and Sam’s business and now she’s causing trouble,” Pepa says in a confessional. “I mean, he’s going to be family. Leave it alone already.” However, it doesn’t sound like Tee Tee is going to let this drama die.

The synopsis for the Jan. 30 episode reads: “All hell breaks loose at Egypt’s 21st birthday when drama with Sam ignites and Tee Tee tries to shut the cameras down. Security is called when Briana and Eric’s wife Aaliyah nearly come to blows. Bow Wow shows up for Angela just when tragedy strikes.” Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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