Nova Miller Goes A Little Crazy Over Love In ‘Surreal’ & Fun ‘Do It To Myself’ Music Video

Who needs boys to drive yourself crazy when you can just do it yourself? Nova Miller puts a ‘positive’ spin on a heartbreak while living her full Brigitte Bardot bouffant fantasy in the new hair-raising video for ‘Do It To Myself.’

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Love can drive you mad, and when it does, why ride shotgun when you can take the wheel? Nova Miller offers this unique take on DIY with the music video for “Do It To Myself.” In the new visual, the Swedish songstress finds herself on the end of a relationship, trust “stolen” and feeling “broken.” She’s in such a quandary that she eventually starts seeing double! Be it a dapper doppelganger, dressed in the finest late ‘60s fashions, or a dissociative episode, Nova seems to take the reins of her own misery. She tells the unnamed boy who did her wrong that she doesn’t need his help in making her crazy. “I’ll do that to myself!” It’s a fun romp of a song, powered by Nova’s sharp songwriting, infectious voice, and, of course, the hair.

”First thing I wanna say is HAIR,” Nova tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when reflecting on the new music video. “I was living my best hair life. I had my long silky Cher hair, the Brigitte Bardot bouffant happening, we had the cute vintage Nancy Sinatra flick and some Nova Miller real girl hair going on too. It’s so cool that I’m talking to you guys at HollywoodLife since we shot this in Hollywood. You could actually see the sign from the window while I was in glam, which is surreal for a girl from Sweden.”

“This video gave me space to have fun and showcase the different sides of myself,” says Nova, in a statement. “As people, we have layers, and I got to give my layers characters. You won’t see any emo Nova though, I’m all about keeping it positive.” Well, it’s positive that “Do It To Myself” is the next big anthem for anyone who finds themselves on the wrong side of a broken heart (and needs to lose their mind for an evening or two.)

Janelle Shirtcliff
Janelle Shirtcliff

Born in Sweden, and now based in Los Angeles, Nova is a multi-instrumentalist who blends new school pop with (as seen in her new video) vintage aesthetics. She’s a popstar that easily blends together The Shangri-Las and Britney Spears. “Do It To Myself” itself is a beautiful mashup of the past and the future, sampling The Mama’s & The Papa’s and produced by the team behind Zedd and Maren Morris’s monster collab, “The Middle.” Though she’s the self-proclaimed “next 1960’s popstar,” Nova proved with “Do It To Myself” that she’s the mega-talented, multi-layered, cheerful voice that’ll make the ‘20s the best decade yet.