Steph & Ayesha Curry Hold Hands On Romantic Date Night After More Than 8 Years Of Marriage

It’s time for a ‘golden’ date night. Steph Curry took his superstar wife, Ayesha Curry, out for dinner, and the two helped to themselves to some sweet PDA for dessert.

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While Drake famously celebrated Ayesha Curry’s culinary skills by rapping about he’s “been cookin’ with the sauce / Chef Curry with the pot,” it was someone else’s turn to whip up some magic in the kitchen on Jan. 9. Ayesha, 30, and husband Steph Curry, 31, went out to eat at Matsuhisa sushi. After nearly a decade of marriage, their love was still going strong. As the couple exited the restaurant, the NBA champion wrapped his hand around that of the Family Food Fight host. A little PDA goes well after dessert, right? It’s much better than an after-dinner mint, at least.

Steph and Ayesha weren’t along. It was a mini-Golden State Warriors reunion, of sorts. The Currys were joined by Steph’s teammate, Draymond Green, 29, and his fiancée Hazel Renee, 32. Draymond and Steph’s coach Steve Kerr confirmed the engagement during a Jan. 22, 2019 press-conference. “The time’s been great. A nice change of pace during the middle of the season, especially in mid-January. Beautiful weather here, and a lot of guys have brought family members. Draymond got engaged. A lot of great stuff,” Kerr said, letting the cat out of the bag. Hazel and Draymond have two kids together – Draymond Jr, 3, and Kyla Green.

Speaking of adorable kids, Steph and Ayesha’s youngest daughter, Ryan, 4, set the “vibe” for 2020 on Dec. 29. Ayesha uploaded photos of Ryan and Riley, 7, and Ryan’s photo was hilarious. The young girl threw up deuces while making a cute duck face. “At last but not least, my 2020 mood. Ryan is ALWAYS a vibe,” Ayesha wrote.


Ayesha gave love to her son, Canon Curry, three days earlier. Canon celebrated his second Christmas with his parents, and the young boy is genuinely Steph’s twin in the picture Ayesha uploaded on Dec. 26. “The sweetest,” she captioned the photo, which shows that Canon is Steph’s lookalike. It’s almost scary how close he resembles his NBA daddy, but that’s the power of good genes. It won’t be long before Canon’s sinking 3s of his own and leading a team to a handful of championships.

Or, maybe Canon will become a chef like his mom? Or perhaps he’ll become an astrophysicist. No matter what he does, Steph and Ayesha will love and support him. The love these two have for their three kids is more than skin deep, but they celebrated their kids by getting them permanently etched into their skin. Ayesha and Steph revealed that they hit up celebrity tattoo artist Winter Stone to get a trio of fine line tattoos representing their three children. “Canon will always be our young wolf. Ryan our butterfly … and Riley our horse (which we turned into a unicorn because she’s our magical first born.)”