Mark Wahlberg, 48, Is Bulked Up After Transforming Body In 6 Months — Before & After Pics

There's no dad bod here! Mark Wahlberg revealed his ripped physique after an intense six-months of F45 training and healthy eating.

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Mark Wahlberg
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Mark Wahlberg is beyond dedicated to his fitness! The 48-year-old posted a shirtless photo on Thursday, Dec. 19 and showed off his insanely toned six-pack as he flexed his arms. “Six months of Performance Inspired Nutrition, Aquahydrate, and F45 training!!” Mark captioned the photo, rocking a low rise pair of black jeans, a graphite Damier belt by Louis Vuitton and his signature gold cross necklace. “Clean eating. Inspired to be better, team training / life changing. 🙏❤️🙏 @performinspired @aquahydrate @f45_training.”

Mark has vocal about his passion for Australian fitness program F45, even buying a minority stake in the company back in March! “I’m a fitness fanatic and I fell in love with F45 after I walked into a gym and saw people from all walks of life, all levels of fitness, working out together,” Mark — who has been visiting F45 studios since Nov. 2018 — revealed on Instagram at the time. The high-intensity, interval training (or HIIT) is timed with 45 seconds ‘on’ followed by fifteen second ‘rest’ periods over a 45 minute period. The routine includes cardio and strength-building exercises, with activities like skipping rope, ladder climbing and weight-lifting. With different themes — like resistance and cardio focused routines — members have the option of picking one best suited to them,

In the months since, the action star has been opening locations in the Los Angeles area, including the one he frequents in ritzy Sherman Oaks. Mark also referenced his supplement and water business in the same caption, and if that’s how he’s looking — sign us up ASAP! The Boston native made headlines after revealing his literally insane daily schedule in 2018, which included a 2:30 a.m. wakeup to — what else — hit the gym! The IG story showed he also has a scheduled workout later in the day, with time set aside for a cryo chamber, family, and a hard bed time of 7:30 p.m.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlburg shows off his body at a pool in 2012. (SplashNews)

His dedication is absolutely inspiring, and it definitely shows when he posts photos like this. Specifically, Mark has also said he avoids treats and sugar, so we’re going to assume he’ll be walking right by the dessert table on Christmas day.

The Wahlburger’s CEO has not only inspired his millions of followers, but also gotten the attention of others in Hollywood — including James Corden, who hilariously attempted to stick to Mark’s uber-strict schedule to get in shape himself. Arriving at Mark’s residence at 3:36 a.m., James didn’t exactly seem to know what he was getting into. “So, you do two meals. See that appeals to me,” James remarked in the Nov. 2018 clip. “I’ve been doing the two breakfasts without the workouts. That might be where I’m going wrong,” he added, before admitting he was ready to go back to bed!

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