Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin’s Christmas Tree Gets Destroyed By Their Puppy — Watch

Ahh the joys of puppyhood. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have realized their new pooch Oscar is a wrecking crew when it comes to their Christmas tree.

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Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Shiny things! That’s what puppies love and Justin Bieber, 25, and wife Hailey Baldwin, 23, have sadly discovered when it comes to that decorating their Christmas tree. The gorgeous model shared an Instagram video of Oscar going to town on ornaments as they tried to get in the Yuletide spirit. She knew there was nothing they could do about it as she wrote “welp” alongside the video of the Christmas destruction

On the upside, the couple seemed to have fun decorating their tree. Hailey inisitally showed a pic of their decorated tree on her IG stories with the caption, “Well, tried it. LOL” with the couple’s decorated tree. She then showed off another pic that read, “I called it the trinket tree cause all these little ornaments look like trinkets,” showing close ups of the ornaments she put up. And she was right, showing off little flowers, snowmen and other such cute pics.

But the Oscar crashed the party, showing off the little critter running circles around the tree with the caption “Welp.” The little guy left a path of descrtuction in his wake, with decorate ornaments all over the floor!



Justin gifted Hailey with the pup just before Christmas in 2018. While he remains small, he’s just big enough to destroy their Christmas tree. But hey, if the saying is true in dog years that one equals seven in human lives, it’s only natural that a little boy lie Oscar would want to raid the Christmas tree. After all, it is his first as the couple decorated it.