‘Where’s Waldo?’: Waldo & Wenda Beg Rachel Dratch To Help Them Fix A Broken Key — Watch

In this EXCLUSIVE clip from the Nov. 23 episode of 'Where’s Waldo?', Waldo and Wenda travel to Moscow in hopes of Wizard Fix-it (Rachel Dratch) fixing a broken key for them.

The Nov. 23 episode of Where’s Waldo? looks like it’ll be a fun one, as this EXCLUSIVE clip given to HollywoodLife shows Waldo and Wenda going on an adventure to Moscow. In the episode, titled “Mini Mayhem in Moscow”, Waldo and Wenda seek some help from Wizard Fix-It, played by Saturday Night Live star Rachel Dratch, after their Grow Key breaks. Apparently, Wizard Fix-It is pretty good at fixing things (obviously, right?), but unfortunately for Waldo and Wenda, their key was basically blown into smithereens, so Wizard Fix-It may run into a bit of trouble while helping them. In fact, the description of this week’s episode basically says that.

Universal Kids released the following log line for this week’s episode: “After Whitebeard uses the Grow Key to make himself 40 feet tall, the key breaks! So the Wanderers take the key to Wizard Fix-It in Moscow. While mending the key, Fix- It accidentally makes Waldo, Wenda, and herself two inches tall…and loses the key! So begins a Nutcracker – like the mini-adventure in Moscow to retrieve the key from Odlulu and Fritz.”

Considering how hilarious Rachel Dratch is, and how great this show has been throughout its first season, we’re looking forward to Waldo and Wenda’s amazing new adventure this weekend. Want to see more? DreamWorks Where’s Waldo? airs on Saturdays at 10am on Universal Kids.

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