JoJo Siwa Reveals Her Favorite Memories From Tour As She Announces 50 More Shows

JoJo Siwa never stops! She's heading back on the road for her D-R-E-A-M Tour after adding 50 more dates!

JoJo Siwa
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If you wanted another chance to see JoJo Siwa live, you’ve got it! The 16-year-old added 50 more dates to her hugely successful D-R-E-A-M Tour, to take her through June 2020! “For me, it’s just so fun. I have a blast on tour,” JoJo told in an EXCLUSIVE interview about her decision to extend the tour. “When Nickelodeon and AEG wanted me to do more. I was like, obviously the answer is going to be yes. I would never say no! It’s so much fun every single day.” While you might be wondering how JoJo Siwa does it all, from her vlogging to her merch line to her tour, she credits “a lot of ramen noodles” for getting her through! “That’s not a secret. I eat a lot of ramen noodles on tour. It’s how I stay so happy,” she laughed.

As she’s been enjoying the first leg of her D-R-E-A-M Tour, breaking the record as the youngest person to play the O2, which she calls one of the best moments from the last few months on the road. “There’s three little moments that always stick out in my mind from tour, and one is when I, JoJo, basically broke my ankle, and the other is when I won the rock, paper, scissors world championship. Then, the last one is playing the O2, which was crazy,” she said.

JoJo’s bow-loving, die-hard fans are also what keeps her going, and getting to interact with them city-to-city is a real treat for the singer. “My fans are the most amazing people in the world. And I know people say that, but truly, they are. Some of my fans are so young, I don’t even think that they know that they are the most awesome people ever!” she gushed. “It’s really cool to me that I have that impact on the little, little kids. The first thing I really loved was Hannah Montana, and now I’m that for some kids. It’s just crazy.”

Tickets for the 50 added dates of JoJo’s tour go on sale TOMORROW, November 22, 2019!

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