Robert Pattinson: How He Feels About Kristen Stewart Saying She Wanted To Marry Him

'Twilight' fans were brought back to the days of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's fiery love connection when she admitted that she would have married him in a Nov. 5 interview. And, the actor has nothing but respect for his ex and her candid confession...

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart on the red carpet promoting 'Twilight'
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There’s no bad blood between exes, Robert Pattinson, 33, and Kristen Stewart, 29. Despite a whirlwind scandal, when she was caught cheating on the actor with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, there’s nothing but respect between the former lovers. Following Kristen’s admission on  Howard Stern‘s radio show, where she said that she would have walked down the aisle with Robert, we’ve learned how he feels about the bombshell confession.

“Rob has no problem with Kristen talking about him or their time together. He gets it. They’re friends again, and she’s always respectful. Plus, it’s so far in the past that there are zero hard feelings,” a source close to the Batman star told HollywoodLife, exclusively. “Kristen will always have a place in his heart, but at the same time their relationship was so long ago, so it’s not something he really thinks about anymore.”

Robert is solely focused on his relationship with model, Suki Waterhouse. “He’s happily in a relationship, and Suki is the one that has his attention now,” the insider admitted. Nonetheless, “that’s not to say he won’t talk about Kristen when he does his press tour for ‘Batman’. The relationship almost always comes up when he does interviews, so he’s prepared for it to be a topic when he has to promote the film. He’ll say what he always says — that he’s way past it and there are no hard feelings,” the source explained.

A second insider went on to say that Robert too felt as though he would spend the rest of his life with Kristen while they were together.

“Rob totally thought he was going to marry Kristen at one point. When they moved in together, the plan was to try that out for a year or two and then get engaged,” the second source admitted, noting that things obviously changed drastically when the cheating scandal happened.

Robert and Kristen’s love journey began in 2008 when they played onscreen lovers in the Twilight films, which went on to become a worldwide box office hit. Their relationship was thrust into the spotlight, despite both stars being extremely private people.

“Rob’s time on ‘Twilight’ was life changing for his career and his love life,” the second source said, before going on to explain that their love is something that can’t be forgotten.

Now, there’s nothing but (friendly) love between exes. “They have so much respect for each other and will be friends forever,” the insider revealed. “They really hold strong and important feelings for each other even though they have since grown from it and moved on. Their relationship made them the people they are today.”

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