Sprayground Founder David Ben David Turns School Into A Party In ‘Disruptive Behavior Disorder’

High school has never been so much fun. David Ben David, the creative mind behind those iconic Sprayground shark backpacks, has dropped his new single, ‘Disruptive Behavior Disorder,’ and we’ve got the EXCLUSIVE video premiere!

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“School was never my thing,” says David Ben David, founder and creative director of streetwear line Sprayground. Known for one-of-a-kind designed accessories, luggage, and backpacks – specifically, the line of Shark packs on the backs of every cool kid in school – Sprayground has teamed up to launch apparel collaborations with notable pop culture, sports, and music icons. Now, it’s time for David Ben David to step behind the mic. HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE premiere of the music video for “Disruptive Behavior Disorder,” his new song with Nyemiah Supreme and OSBS.

“My style of creating is using a variety of mediums, colors, stories, and scenarios,” David Ben David tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when discussing how this music video looks like a Sprayground backpack come to life. “I wanted the viewer to feel an explosion of color and sound as an expression of the bags coming to life because if you put your ear to a Sprayground Bag, this is what the art sounds like!”

When asked if he made this song for the kids rocking Spraygound backpacks, David Ben David tells HollywoodLife, “Yes, of course! The Sprayground Shark Fans is an entire ecosystem of creativity, and I always have the fans in mind while creating. The school system for homework is broken and needs to be addressed. Disruptive Behavior Disorder is the cure!”

The track is written by David Ben David, Nyemiah Supreme, and OSBS themselves, while produced by David Sisko and mastered by Mike Tucci. Did you spot the cameos in the video? An array of creatives and icons such as BigU, Dan Rue, Taylor Reign. Oh, and the pitbulls were provided by @bossykennels breeding company. This wildly fun music video was directed by Carl “Video” Verna and production by Creative Minds Firm with the storyboard by Creative Outcasts. Now, you know.

“Sprayground is my drug, music is my escape,” reads David Ben David’s Instagram profile, and he has escaped back into the past with this new video. The art project summed up his experience in high school, which – surprise, surprise – wasn’t the greatest. “I found myself always being distracted by other stuff,” he said in a statement.

“I wanted time to be free and creative but instead, I was forced to write essays and figure out formulas. I would be burnt out from being at school all day then coming home to do homework. I’ve always asked myself, `Why can’t school be a place for kids to work hard and when they leave, leave the work there so that there’s time for family or other hobbies?’ “ he adds.

This isn’t David Ben David’s first foray into music. His journey into this new medium began when he didn’t want to deal with licensing music, and figured it would be easier to make his own. He teamed up with Asian Da Brat (formerly Asian Doll) for “The Power of Anime,” a love letter to the animation and culture of Japan. His other song, “No Work,” was a song with a message: “work at something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But, if what you love is school, better get that “disruptive behavior disorder’ under control. Or, if you need to just throw a rager in the third period, be like David Ben David and go nuts.