‘The Resident’s Manish Dayal Reveals Devon & Conrad’s Story Will Come ‘Full Circle’ & More

Devon and Conrad found themselves butting heads on the latest episode of 'The Resident.' HL spoke with Manish Dayal about where Devon and Conrad's dynamic goes from here, Devon's journey, and more.

Manish Dayal
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Tension between Devon and Conrad hit an all-time high during the Nov. 5 episode of The Resident. Devon admitted to Conrad that he doesn’t want to be the same kind of doctor that Conrad is. Devon is on his own journey and finally embracing the doctor he wants to be. Conrad has been Devon’s mentor since the very first episode, so HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Manish Dayal about how Devon and Conrad’s relationship will evolve from this moment.

“I think this was a really pivotal episode in terms of their relationship, professionally and personally, because these two guys are realizing their differences and Devon, in particular, is understanding and coming into his own and understanding the kind of doctor that he is going to be, who he wants to be, and how he’s going to treat patients. Protocol is something that is important to him and I believe that he feels that that’s the best way to treat patients. Like in this episode, for example, the idea of patient confidentiality comes up. Devon’s belief is that, by keeping that confidentiality, you maintain the trust you have with your patient, and ultimately, that will help the patient in the future. Of course, if you break that trust, then treating the patient becomes much more difficult. That is a belief that Devon really has and follows and wants to uphold, and I know that Conrad disagrees with him in that way. This is just an example of how these two guys are just very different doctors. I think we’re at a point now where they’re realizing that, and it’s causing some sort of personal and professional conflict between the two of them.”

Manish admitted that he wasn’t surprised by Devon’s shift away from Conrad. He believes that Devon is ready for some “independence” as a doctor. “I think he’s ready to release the tether, you know what I mean?” Manish continued. “I think he’s had a huge journey so far as a doctor and as a physician. He sees what works and he’s seeing that what he is doing works for him. Deviating from that and deviating from what seems to be functioning well for him as a doctor is not something he’s interested in doing anymore at this point in his career because he’s discovering what his power is and his skill. Conrad has his own brand of medicine that works for him. I think the reason why it’s starting to percolate now is that I really think Devon is ready for some of his independence.”

Even though Devon and Conrad seem to be moving in completely different directions, it won’t always be that way. “I think it’s going to come full circle, because the truth of it is that Devon and Conrad have gone on a journey together and Devon has not lost sight of the fact that Conrad has, in many ways, mentored him and shepherded him from his first day as a resident at Chastain,” Manish said about Devon and Conrad’s storyline this season. “So I think there’s that loyalty that he has for him and these two guys will have to figure out a way to work with each other and respect each other’s process.”

However, Devon and Conrad will continue to “butt heads” in season 3. “These are two headstrong guys and I think that conflict is inevitable between two people who work so closely together,” Manish said. “But I do believe it’s going to come full circle and they’re going to respect each other’s process and each other’s ways of practicing medicine.”

Dr. Cain has come to Chastain in season 3 and shaken things up with the way he approaches medicine. Kit has already gone head-to-head with Cain and Manish said that the core Chastain group is “becoming more and more aware of Dr. Cain and Red Rock and their business practices. As a group, they’re coming together and looking to expose them and educate each other on what they’ve learned about Dr. Cain and what he’s about. They’re all supporting each other because this band of doctors is ride or die.”

Devon’s love life over the course of 3 seasons has definitely been complicated, to say the least. Could there be another romance on the horizon for the doctor? “I think what’s so interesting about this season is that we’re seeing Devon really become the doctor he’s going to be and understanding how he’s unique as a doctor,” Manish said. “I think we’re focusing on that this season and I’m enjoying it. But I do believe there will be a little bit of a love interest story to come. I can say that. It’s something I’m hearing bits and pieces about now.” The Resident season 3 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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