Lil’ Kim, 45, Reveals Secret CEO Boyfriend As She Thanks Him Gifting Her A Diamond Necklace

Lil' Kim was totally in shock when her CEO beau, The Great, gifted her a stunning diamond necklace! She was so excited, she even tagged her new love in her Instagram post.

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Lil’ Kim, 45, has a new man! The rapper was totally surprised when her beau, who goes by the stage name The Great, gave her a diamond necklace, but her way to find it was a bit of a charade. In her Instagram post from Nov. 4, the Grammy winner is seen — what appears to be — packing while her man takes a sneaky video of her from the bed. When he beckoned her over, she turned the corner to the bedroom and found, sitting on her nightstand, an open case with the diamond necklace! In her shock, Lil’ Kim squealed with glee and couldn’t believe her eyes. The necklace may have been the very one she posted a video of a day later, which featured a picture of her dearly departed father. As she got more and more emotional, she finally climbed atop the bed to give her guy a hug!

While Kim got a huge surprise from her man, her fans received an even bigger shock. Upon posting the video, Lil’ Kim tagged her boyfriend, making their relationship totally official. But while this was the first time Lil’ Kim and The Great acknowledged their relationship to fans, the pair have been posting snaps of each other over social media. The Great, in particular, posted a pic featuring Lil’ Kim front and center on Oct. 26. Clearly, these two have been going steady for some time.

Lil’ Kim’s personal life seems to be going well, but the rapper has been back in the news for some less stellar reasons. While attending the BET Hip Hop Awards in Georgie on Oct. 5, the “Lady Marmalade” collaborator referred to her fans as the “Beehive.” Suffice it to say, another fandom who boasts the monicker was not happy about it. Beyoncé’s Beyhive immediately took to social media. “I’m sorry but did Lil Kim say thank you #BeeHive ??? Girrrll, just cus we call you Queen B does not mean you can call ya fans the beehive. That territory has already been claimed sis #HipHopAwards,” one such fan tweeted.

Of course, Lil’ Kim finally addressed the issue, saying, “I feel Beyoncé rightfully so, has the right to call herself Queen Bee as well,” Kim admitted in an interview with Hot 97 host Ebro Darden, which The Shade Room shared on Oct. 17. “I mean her name’s Beyonce!” While Lil’ Kim’s fandom goes all the way back to her hit “Tha Beehive” in 2003, she acknowledged how the social media landscape has changed things, and there are definitely no harsh feelings there at all. With that social media debacle behind her, Lil’ Kim is clearly floating on cloud nine with her new man, and fans cannot wait to see them make their relationship public soon!