‘RHOC’: Shannon & Kelly Learn Tamra’s Been Spreading Rumors & Shading Them

Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd were shocked during the Nov. 5 episode of 'RHOC', when they both learned that Tamra Judge was saying nasty things about them behind their backs.

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Is Tamra Judge a master manipulator? During the Nov. 5 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies began connecting a lot of drama back to her, but no one was more shocked than Shannon Beador. It all started when the gossip about Kelly from Vicki‘s tea party was passed onto Kelly. Tamra basically threw Braunwyn under the bus and told Kelly that Braunwyn was the one who brought up her fight with Dr. Brian, however, as viewers saw, Tamra was the first one to mention the bar fight. Anyway, upon learning this, Kelly called Braunwyn to confront her, but because Tamra and Shannon were with Kelly when she called Braunwyn, Braunwyn didn’t stand much of a chance when defending herself against the accusations.

Later in the episode, though, Kelly met up with Braunwyn, Emily and Shannon, and that’s when Kelly learned the truth — that Tamra was the first one to mention her fight with Dr. Brian. But that wasn’t even the worst of it. Kelly also discovered that Tamra was the first one to reveal the details of the train rumor from the beginning of this season. Kelly originally thought Vicki was the one who started the rumor — and technically she was because she said she knew something about Kelly — but it was Tamra who said, “Are you talking about the train?” And everything just spiraled out of control after that. So basically, the ladies are finally realizing that Tamra is stirring the pot yet again, just as she did in Season 9.

And Kelly’s not the only victim of Tamra’s recent actions. So is Shannon, who discovered, via Kelly, that Tamra has been criticizing her for “gaining weight”. After their trip to Miraval in Arizona, Tamra had also texted Kelly and accused Shannon of faking her injury. Yikes — it sounds like Tamra has some major explaining to do.

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