Kristen Stewart Returns To ‘SNL’ & Slayed In Skits With Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant & More

Kristen Stewart hosted 'Saturday Night Live' for the second time and kept the laughs coming the entire time!

Kristen Stewart
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Kristen Stewart, 29, made her return to Saturday Night Live and didn’t disappoint! She switched things up — a la David Harbour — for her opening monologue, and took the opportunity to ask the audience, including Pete Davidson, some burning questions. “Ask me anything, I’m an open book — I’ll put it out there!” Pete enthusiastically offered, as Kristen curtly reminded him that everything about him is “out there already.” With Pete’s well documented dating life and back-to-back romances, she’s got a point!

The Charlie’s Angels star kept the laughs coming in a slew of short sketches, including one where she fronted a commercial for the “Duolingo for Talking to Children” app — fully embracing her awkwardness (earlier, she dubbed her personality “anxiety teen trying to leave dinner”). Other highlights included her appearance in a World War II themed sketch alongside Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon as three female works in a factory and next as a housewife who had a baby…not by her husband. Aidy killed it in the skit describing the “couleur” of her walls and admitting she met her current lover on Facebook marketplace — wait, what?! Later, she went full on punk in a Blink 182/Sum 41 inspired music video for everyone over their “corporate” work places and rocked a fiery orange wig reminiscent of 2000s pop queen Vitamin C!

KStew fans were chiming on Twitter all night, and couldn’t get enough of their Queen on the stage! “Damn, Kristen really got the hang of this live TV comedy business! Her confidence level was 100. She was so good,” user @frankenstellar tweeted, while @TeamK_1 dubbed her a “veteran!”

“I’m gonna be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Coldplay — that’s right, this week, the show is all mine!” Kristen excitedly announced in a promo video that dropped earlier this week. SNL cast member Kate McKinnon, however, didn’t agree with the “all mine” sentiment. “Great job Kirsten, but uh — I think we all know who the king of the castle is around here, right?” Kate interrupts in the shadows, smoking a cigarette — oh, it’s on! The showdown concludes with the duo declaring a thumb war which Kristen promptly wins. “Good to see you!” Kate nervously says as she runs off.

Kristen previously hosted SNL in Feb. 2015, and infamously came out on the show. Though she had already been in a public relationship with St. Vincent, she created a viral moment when she casually dropped the line “I’m like, so gay, dude” in her opening monologue. She also said “f–k” right as the show went to commercial — whoops!

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