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Rihanna: How Her ‘Great’ Romance With Hassan Jameel Inspired Her To Reconnect With Drake

Rihanna surprised fans when she reunited with ex Drake at his 33rd birthday bash. Her solid relationship with BF Hassan Jameel has inspired her to make amends with her exes, including Chris Brown.

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Rihanna and Drake were thick as thieves for years, as friends and then in 2016 lovers. But after their attempt at a relationship failed, it seemed so did their closeness. So it came as a surprise when three years after their breakup, RiRi, 31, reunited with Drizzy at his 33rd birthday celebration. It’s all due to the 31-year-old’s happy and solid two and a half year relationship with boyfriend Hassan Jameel. “Rihanna is in such a great place with Hassan right now and she’s at a point in her life where she doesn’t want to hold on to any past grudges or negative feelings she may have had about any of her exes,” a source close to the singer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“She is in a healthy, happy relationship and is just focused on her music, her relationship, and a positive outlook on all aspects of her life,” the insider continues. “Rihanna has made amends with Drake and Chris Brown and she is really loving the fact that she’s in a good place with both of them. Rihanna is very confident in her relationship with Hassan and loves that he is such a supportive boyfriend and has no issues whatsoever about her spending time with Drake or any of her exes for that matter on a friendly level.”

As we previously reported EXCLUSIVELY, “Rihanna was hanging out at Poppy with friends and made some time to speak to Drake in his booth. Most of the conversation steered towards basketball because Drake was showing off his Toronto Raptors championship ring and they both have a love of basketball, so they were talking about the Lakers game and the Raptors game.”

“So they were talking a bunch of NBA and having some other small talk about music and she was also talking to a bunch of his friends and it was a simple hangout with pleasantries being offered all around. There was zero romance vibes at all. It was not like that at all,” the insider added.