‘RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin Reveals Whether She’ll Get More Plastic Surgery After Liposuction ‘Transformation’

Jennifer Aydin already went under the knife, but now, 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' star is telling us EXCLUSIVELY whether she would ever do it again.

Jennifer Aydin, 42, like many other Real Housewives, is no stranger to the world of plastic surgery. Her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, 41, performed a bunch of operations on her that will be shown when the long-running Bravo series returns next month. “The season starts with my plastic surgery transformation,” she revealed at Jenna Dewan’s book eventwithThe Moms & Hatchimals at Mr. Purple in NYC on October 24. “First my husband did a breast reduction on me, which made a huge difference, So, now I don’t look so top heavy.”

The mother-of-five ran into issues with her old figure when it came to her shopping needs. “It was always so hard to dress for my body because my waist was always so much smaller than my upper body,” Jennifer said. “Everything had to be stretch or elastic, so there’s so much more options in my wardrobe this season. After I went through the liposuction, my husband was like, ‘You won’t gain weight where I sucked the fat out, but you can still gain weight in other places that I didn’t suck out, so be conscious of that.'”

So will the newbie-turned-vet reality star go under the knife in the future? That’s a big no, and for one big reason. “I don’t want to go through surgery again, because although the recovery went well and quick, I was so sore and numb for a good six months.”

Dr. Bill even suggested her doing more surgery, but she’s still now down. “He grabs my rolls right now and he’s like ‘You have no fat on your stomach right now but you have all this loose skin’. Then he says, ‘Let me do a tummy tuck.’ Any other wife would jump on that, but I don’t want the scar.”

Jennifer appears to be happy at the end of the day with who where she is currently with her body. “I don’t care, I’m already married. He’s happy with me and that’s all that matters. He’s so supportive though. We tell each other everything, there’s like no boundaries. And, I’m like, ‘Babe, I don’t want you to see my insides. He’s like, ‘Stop, I’m a doctor!'”

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