‘RHONJ’: Teresa Giudice Admits She ‘Hooked Up’ With Someone & Is Unsure If She Still Loves Joe

Teresa Giudice doesn't know if she's still in love with husband Joe. In a shocking preview for season 10 of 'RHONJ', she admits she's not happy, and shares a shirtless photo of the man she 'hooked up' with!

Teresa & Joe Giudice on the red carpet
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Teresa Giudice is searching for happiness again. The reality star, 47, reveals that and more in a new preview of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which Bravo released only to its Bravo Insiders fan club on Tuesday. The 7-minute clip, which shows the first minutes of the season 10 premiere, includes a candid confession by Teresa, who admits she hooked up with a man who isn’t her husband, Joe Giudice, 47.

Fans of the show will know that Joe was released from a federal prison in March after he served a 41-month prison for fraud. Immediately after, he was released into ICE custody, where he faced deportation back to his native, Italy. This occured while Teresa was still filming season 10 of the show. As reported on Friday, October 11, Joe was released from ICE custody and flew to Rome, where he will continue to appeal his deportation order.

In the new preview, RHONJ star, Jennifer Aydin starts off by asking Teresa if she’s still in love with Joe, to which she replies, “I don’t know.” A separate clip then flashes to Teresa explaining to her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, “I haven’t been happy in so long. And, I just want to be happy again.”

Moving on — a scene between Joe Gorga and Teresa plays. But, they’re not alone. They brother and sister are joined by an unidentified man, who Joe asks, “Were you guys messing around?”, in reference to his sister. “We might’ve kissed,” the salt and pepper-haired man admits.

Then, when Teresa is out to dinner Margaret Josephs and Melissa, she shows the two a shirtless photo of the same unidentified man. As the women sit there with their eyes and mouths wide open, Teresa confesses that “he’s the one I hooked up with!”

The preview goes on to show Teresa going from “namaste to nasty,” as Margaret eventually puts it. “Teresa’s a mess! There’s so much stress in that house,” Dolores Catania says. As clips of Teresa drinking and partying play, she admits, “I feel like I’m living the worst nightmare ever.”

Later on, Teresa is seen telling Danielle Staub that she feels like “drinking a bottle of tequila every night.” Danielle, who Joe Gorga calls “toxic,” then encourages Teresa to “drink up.”

Margaret is then seeing telling Jennifer that “Teresa is cocktail-ing it up all night while your husband is sitting in an ICE facility. — That’s shameful.” And, that’s when Margaret and Teresa go at it while at a group dinner.

When Margaret tells Teresa that she’s not the person she met, Teresa says, “Shut up b–tch.” The preview shows more moments of the two at odds — one time in-particular, when Margaret tells Teresa that she’s “the worst f–king mother.” And, in typical Tre fashion, she tells Margaret, “F–k you!”

After Teresa’s dramatics play, the preview eventually goes back “three months earlier” to update fans on what the rest of the cast has been up too.

Jennifer is recovering from liposuction, while Dolores and her ex Frank are still flirting and living together. But, Dolores is still dating her boyfriend David Principe, who eventually stops by the house and hugs Frank. Dolores eventually admits that David is a “permanent fixture in the family.”

Meanwhile, Margaret is running her longtime business from home. While talking with an employee of hers, the employee hashes up the headlines about Teresa being pictured with other men while Joe, at the time, is still in ICE custody.

“If she’s stepping out on Joe, who can blame her? He’s getting deported and he’s been gone for three years. She’s been through enough,” Margaret says in defense of Teresa. Remember, the preview flashes forward three months earlier, before Teresa and Margaret’s previously shown fights.

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