‘The Masked Singer’: All The Clues We Know About The Fox — So Far

There's a well-known celebrity underneath the Fox costume on 'The Masked Singer' and the clues have fans guessing some major stars. Before the new episode, here are all the clues about the Fox.

The Fox will be hitting the stage to perform for the first time during the Oct. 9 episode of The Masked Singer. Even though we don’t know the identity of the celebrity underneath the fuzzy costume just yet, there are a few clues out there that are already leading us in the right direction. “Some say I’m the most underestimated creature in the entire animal kingdom,” the Fox says in his clue package. “Foxes are clever, strategic, and they’ll eat almost anything, which is perfect because this superhero is ready to devour the competition.”

The mention of “superhero” is a major clue and could indicate that the celebrity is likely from the Marvel or DC Universe. The Fox’s costume also features a glowing eye and a metal arm, which are more hints that this celebrity has starred in a superhero movie. The “Steampunk vibe” of the Fox’s costume was “conjured” up by the celebrity underneath. Many fans are already convinced that Avengers star Jeremy Renner is the Fox.

First and foremost, there’s the clue about the “superhero.” The glowing eye and metal arm could be hints that the Fox could be Jeremy’s fellow Avengers co-stars Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan, but maybe they’re red herrings. Another major clue that the Fox could be Jeremy is the choice of the Fox costume. Jeremy plays a fox in the upcoming animated movie Arctic Dogs. Jeremy is also a singer. He released a song called “Main Attraction” in July 2019.


The Masked Singer features other celebs dressed in costumes such as the Flower, Skeleton, Leopard, Black Widow, Penguin, Panda, Rottweiler, and more. Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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