Taylor Swift Nearly Has A Meltdown Over A Banana In Post-Surgery Video Her Mom Recorded

Taylor Swift recently underwent laser eye surgery, and thanks to her mom, Andrea, we now have a glorious video of the singer's hilarious behavior just after returning home.

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Image Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

We never thought in a million years that we’d write these words, but… Taylor Swift, 29, nearly had an emotional breakdown over a banana after having laser eye surgery. Yes, that’s right. The singer partook in some pretty hilarious behavior after returning home from her procedure, and thanks to her mom, Andrea, it was recorded on video for all to see. The funny thing is — Taylor had no idea that Jimmy Fallon was about to show the video to millions of her fans, when she appeared on the Oct. 3 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

After Taylor sat down with Jimmy, he informed her that he had gotten his hands on the video and he was about to air it on TV for millions of people to see. She, of course, freaked out a bit, but she also had no choice but to let him press play. So that he did. And in the video, Taylor can be seen panicking after she mistakenly breaks off a banana from a bunch that she did not intend to pick. And that’s when her mom swoops in and tries to talk some sense into her, saying she’ll eat the other banana.

Then, in another shot, you can see Taylor happily eating her snack in bed, when her mom tells her not to fall asleep while chewing. “I’m not asleep,” Taylor mumbles. “My mind is alive.”

After the video ended, Jimmy desperately tried apologizing to Taylor. “Don’t be mad at me,” he pleaded. All Taylor could do, though, was laugh and say, “Oh my God. That’s on television.” Yes, Taylor — that it was.

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