Willie Garson Reveals Why ‘Sex & The City 3’ Could Still Happen: ‘It Would Have To Be So Different’

Break out your finest stilettos! 'Sex And The City' alum Willie Garson shared that there is, in fact, still hope a third movie might happen. And he would know --  he chats with Sarah Jessica Parker 'almost every day!'

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Fans can still hold out some hope — Stanford Blatch himself, Willie Garson, 55, thinks another Sex & The City movie could still happen, even though plans have been in limbo for years. “We don’t know anything. We don’t know anything,” Willie shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife at the Creative Coalition’s Television Humanitarian Awards Gala on Sept. 21. “I think it would be very difficult, at this point. I believe not everyone wants to do it,” he confessed. “That’s what I’ve read in the paper. So, I don’t know, but some of us would do it everyday. So, who knows!”

Despite no clear plans for a third installment, Willie still keeps in touch with his Emmy-winning costar, Sarah Jessica Parker. “I talk to Sarah Jessica almost every day,” he shared. “We were best friends long before the show started. So, we still are. Thankfully we still are.” But as to whether or not the former Carrie Bradshaw is looking into manifesting the third film into reality, Willie wasn’t quite sure. “The fans would love it. I have no idea. I mean, it would have to be so different, that’s the hard part. So, who knows? Who knows!”

While fans don’t have an answer for what comes next, they already have a clear idea of what caused the film’s progress to halt. An ultimate decision was made in 2017 not to move forward with production, which left fans and cast members upset. “I’m disappointed,” SJP shared following the official announcement of the film’s end. “We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story.” The blow was met with further frustration as Kim Cattrall‘s hand in the film’s demise came to light. The actress refused to sign on for a third installment due to her years-long feud with SJP. It caused a rift between the four leading actresses as Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon were forced to mediate and take sides. Kim and SJP’s feud continued on, clouding what fans could have had, including the reveal of Chris Noth‘s character, Big, dying of a major heart attack in the third film when the film’s story was revealed in 2018!

willie garson

And yet, there’s still hope! It’s safe to say that since the second film came out in 2010, fans have been wanting more. Ever since the third installment was officially canceled in 2017, fans have been wondering if another film will ever see the light of day. But after a little bit of hope courtesy of Willie Garson, Sex and The City fans still have something to hold on to!

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