Liza Koshy, Kimiko Glenn & Travis Coles Dish On Season 2 Of ‘Liza On Demand’: We’re Getting Real Vulnerable

Liza Koshy & her roomies are back & spoke to HL about what is to come on this season of 'Liza On Demand!'

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Who is ready for season 2 of Liza On Demand?! Liza Koshy, Kimiko Glenn and Travis Coles have returned to bless our computer (or wherever you watch YouTube) screens, and the dynamic trio is teasing a ton of fun this season. “Episode one we’re getting real vulnerable…and by vulnerable I mean real naked,” Liza said, bringing the laughs early on in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “There’s always some moral messaging behind every episode of the show, so you can definitely expect some social commentary in that sense…” Kimiko jumped in to add, “With more hilarity involved.”

In season 1 of Liza On Demand, fans were introduced to Liza’s character of the same name who takes on service jobs, like driving for Uber, and navigates her way through misadventures along with her roommates Oliver (Coles) and Harlow (Glenn). “What’s crazy this season about our characters, is that they’re very vulnerable and open and honest… but not. We’re basically like, ‘How do we lie to get what we want,” where we should really just tell the truth,” Travis teased, highlighting certain situations we’ll see the characters go through this season. “It’s really amazing you’ll get to see the dynamic between the three roommates, because we all just became roommates in real life,” Liza added, joking that the trio is “super method.” “It was meta, and also kind of great,” Kimiko laughed. “When I would say her name, I would also feel kind of like I was doing the show.”

Liza and Travis agreed, but all three said that when it came time to work, the writing of the show helped carry the character development and hilarity along. “When we got the scripts for this season, I feel like they really got into our groove and found our voices, which really elevates the show,” Kimiko explained. “It makes the words easy to say and delicious to say because they really honed in on who we are in life. Even the writers’ room, we sent in our stories and our life experiences to Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont, so that we were telling authentic stories that truly related to us in hopes of it relating to our audience even more.”

Liza continued, “Season two just has a whole new upgrade, in terms of the chaos that Liza goes, through but also the misadventures of everyone!” The 23-year-old, who is also serving as an executive producer on this season, also spoke about why she wanted to incorporate social issues into the storyline this season, revealing representation is extremely important to her. “My dad was told by his theater coach in college is that he would never get hired for any roles outside of the stereotypical 7/11 clerk. I’m excited to be here and be of this ethnic background, be mixed and to have come from two different worlds and represent the ethnically ambiguous,” she said. “Sometimes, I’m just a Brown girl in this show living just life. It’s not always commentary about who I am as a Brown woman, it’s just me as a woman.”

Season two of Liza On Demand premieres tonight, September 25, on YouTube, with new episodes launching every Wednesday, for free!