Yellow Claw Drops End Of Summer ‘Tropical’ Jam ‘Baila Conmigo’ With Saweetie, INNA & Jenn Morel

Yellow Claw is back with another sure-fire hit, with the voices of three incredibly talented women helping carry the new track, 'Baila Conmigo!'

Dutch DJ duo Yellow Claw, comprised of Jim Aasgier and Nils, dropped their latest song “Baila Conmigo,” with Saweetie, Jenn Morel and INNA helping them out with the vocals! Yellow Claw first connected with Saweetie when they were asked to remix a song for her, but they followed up with a better offer — doing an original song together. “She had that song ‘Icy’ out and, for some reason, we flipped that song in 60 minutes, and they thought it was super dope,” Jim explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “We already had Jenn Morel and had connected with INNA on ‘Baila Conmigo, but we still had the hook open, so we sent the song along to Saweetie.”

“Now, we have three beautiful women on a song, which we’ve never had, and it really made the song was it is,” Nils continued. The “tropical” jam, which samples popular Jamaican song “Sister Nancy Bam Bam,” actually came to be when Saweetie referenced the old Jamaican song in a line she sent back to the guys. “When she did a verse on the song, it kind of changed the whole perception of the song for us,” Jim said. “So we redid the song once she came on.”

Nils added, “Her first lines really inspired us, and it was so dope, we sampled it in the song, and it just changed the whole song for us.” Funny enough, Yellow Claw has worked with Saweetie’s man, Quavo of Migos on a previous album, with their song “Stacks.”

Photo by Amanda Jones for HollywoodLife

Currently, the duo has their fourth studio album in the works, which they’re continuing to add some exciting collabs to! In the midst of their busy schedules, as they also has a clothing company and production company, Yellow Claw is getting back in the studio and ready for album number 4!

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