‘90210’s Jennie Garth Reveals Who Kelly Should Have Ended Up With: Brandon Or Dylan?

It was the love triangle that started all love triangles -- Brandon, Kelly and Dylan. And now that 'BH90210' is premiering on Aug. 7, we had to ask Jennie who she now thinks Kelly should have ended up with.

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Ever since Beverly Hills, 90210 went off the air in 2000, fans have long debated who Kelly (Jennie Garth) truly should have ended up with. Longtime viewers of the series should know that Kelly first hooked up with Dylan in Season 3. Then, she dated Brandon. But once Jason Priestley left the show, Luke Perry made a return and Kelly rode off into the sunset with none other than Dylan McKay. And if you count The CW’s 90210 revival, then Kelly also had a son with Dylan. But that’s neither here nor there since Jennie recently told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that they’ll “pretend” that second series “never happened”. Either way, Kelly ended up with Dylan despite the fact that Jason said he believes executive producer Aaron Spelling wanted Brandon and Kelly to be the series’ endgame. And now that the series is coming back with another reboot — BH90210 — we took the opportunity to see how Jennie feels about the love triangle today.

When we asked her who she feels Kelly should have ended up with, Jennie told us, “Well, the funny thing is, I don’t remember who she ended up with. I have the worst memory and Tori [Spelling] is always saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you don’t remember that.’ She gets really annoyed with me all the time because I’m like, ‘I don’t know, what happened?'” But, irregardless, Jennie continued, “That’s a tough question. I’ve always seen Kelly as more of an independent woman. After all, she chose [herself at one point]. I think we’ll stick with that one. But the show sort of, because we’re playing heightened versions of ourselves playing the characters on the reboot, it’s a really sort of fresh, interesting way to go back to something very familiar to everyone. And we hope that we appeal to the old audience — the original fans of the original 90210 and giving them a lot of sort of fan candy, paying a lot of homage to the original show and bringing a lot of those elements into the new show as we sort of create this new world.” So there you have it — Jennie wants Kelly to be an independent woman.

BH90210, which stars Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea), Shannen Doherty (Brenda), Jennie Garth (Kelly), Brian Austin Green (David), Jason Priestley (Brandon), Tori Spelling (Donna) and Ian Ziering (Steve), will find the actors playing heightened versions of their off-camera selves with fictionalized personal lives. The premiere episode will also pay tribute to original series star Luke Perry, who died in March.

BH90210 premieres on Fox this Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 9pm!

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