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‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Admits She & Peter Actually Had Sex In The Windmill FOUR Times

Hannah Brown appeared in a live interview during the July 29 'Bachelorette' finale, during which she left the crowd going WILD by admitting she and Peter actually had sex FOUR times in the windmill!

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Peter Weber was left devastated after Hannah Brown sent him home with just three guys left during the July 29 episode of The Bachelorette. The footage was filmed over two months ago now, and Peter finally had a chance to confront Hannah with his feelings about it all during a live sit down with Chris Harrison that aired after his elimination. “I was kind of dreading having to watch that back this entire time for the last two months, but I’m okay,” he confirmed, before Hannah came onstage. “She’s honestly the most amazing person I’ve ever met so far in my life and I’m just so grateful for all of those memories that we made and being able to fall in love with her. It wasn’t easy [to watch back]. I really fell for her and I had no doubt that it was going to be us in the end. I really didn’t. So it was tough to watch back.”

During the one-on-one sit down, Peter revealed that he first knew he was in love with Hannah on their one-on-one date in Latvia, and opened up about why it took him so long to finally tell her. “For me, knowing that there was a couple of guys left — even when I finally told her, there was three guys left — it was tough for me to open up myself completely to her, knowing there was a possibility I wasn’t going to be the final guy,” he admitted. He also said that “a little piece of [his] heart will always love” Hannah. “I’ve been thinking about this day for awhile,” Peter explained. “It will be good to see her. I’ve been doing really well on my own trying to find closure with all of this and put it behind me and take the good things with me moving forward, but I’m looking forward to the chance to see her face-to-face one more time and end this chapter in the right way.”

Finally, Hannah came onstage, and she and Peter shared a sweet hug. They had their confrontation, but it was at the very end that when Hannah dropped the biggest bombshell of all — and it had to do with their infamous night in the fantasy suite! “I will say, I was a little dishonest about something,” Hannah laughed. “Since it’s out there and I did say there was something [sex] that Peter and I did twice….it was actually four times!”

Of course, there was a serious conversation between Hannah and Peter, too. To start, Peter asked Hannah if she could “pinpoint” the moment she knew she wasn’t going to be with him. “There wasn’t anything wrong,” Hannah said. “I know that’s probably hard to hear and I wish I could give you a clear, concrete answer. But I truly thought you would meet my family together. That last week together, the date and the fantasy suite, I really thought you would meet them. I was falling in love with you, but I was also falling for two other guys, too. I woke up that morning and honestly, I had to follow my heart. It was really hard for me, too.”

She also said that she wished she’d known about how Peter felt for her a little sooner into their relationship, and he took her explanations super well. “That’s totally fair,” he told her. He also said he has no regrets about their time together and that he “totally gets” what she was going through. In the end, all was well between them!

With Peter out of the picture, there are just two guys left for Hannah to choose from as the season winds down: Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. Hannah got to introduce the men to her parents during the July 29 episode, and then spend some more quality time with each of them before making her final decision. We’ll see who she chooses during part two of the finale on July 30 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.