‘Teen Mom OG’: Catelynn Lowell Reveals She Considered Aborting Daughter Vaeda

During the July 22 episode of 'Teen Mom OG', Catelynn Lowell reveals she's still haunted by her 'mid-life marriage crisis' with husband Tyler Baltierra. She also says she feels guilty about nearly aborting Vaeda.

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra went on a romantic date during the July 22 episode of Teen Mom OG, and if you ask us, it was much needed. As you may recall, Catelynn and Tyler took some time apart last year when they started having a “mid-life marriage crisis”. Clearly, they made it to the other side of the tunnel, but during their split, Catelynn and Tyler were faced with a difficult decision: should they keep or abort their baby daughter, Vaeda? We now know the decision they made, as Catelynn gave birth to Vaeda in February 2019, but during this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn said she considered aborting their baby.

Catelynn was excited for her date with Tyler because it would give them some time to work on their relationship so they never “get back to that dark place again, where I thought our marriage would fall apart,” she told her producer. And after Catelynn talked about Tyler getting a new tattoo to celebrate the birth of their daughter, her producer said, “You guys had the roughest 18 months for two people I’ve ever been around”.

Then, Catelynn revealed how she nearly aborted her baby. “I mean, I can look back on it now and be thankful for [our time apart],” she explained, but she also said that she feels “guilty” about some things that happened during her split with Tyler. “I feel guilty for even contemplating aborting Vaeda. Because, is she going to remember that?”

Catelynn said that she wasn’t sure whether or not it was smart to bring a baby into the world, knowing her marriage was on thin ice. “I’m glad I didn’t [get an abortion], but at the time, it was a thought in my mind. It still bothers me, so I’m thinking of talking to Tyler about it.”

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