‘Unexpected’ Season 3 Supertease: Teen Couples Prepare For Parenthood In Intense First Look

HL is EXCLUSIVELY debuting the trailer for season 3 of TLC's series 'Unexpected' and announcing its return date. This season features new teen couples as they face ups and downs throughout their pregnancies.

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TLC’s hit series, Unexpected, returns for a third season on Aug. 4 at 10 p.m. and the original digital series, Unexpected: Baby Bumps, returns to TLC GO on July 28 with a 5-episode third season. The series gives a raw look at several teenage couples’ journeys through parenthood and the responsibilities that fall upon each family as they struggle to raise multiple generations, oftentimes under the same roof. Not every family member sees eye to eye with the teens when it comes to child-rearing, and tension is inevitable when roles become blurred. Returning this season are McKayla, 18, and Caelan, 20, who are expecting their second child. Chloe, 17, and Max, 19, are also returning and adjusting to life as first-time parents as they try to maintain their relationship, despite Chloe’s parents not approving.

Season 3 will also introduce 4 new couples in the upcoming episodes. These couples include Hailey, 16, and Matthew, 16; Rilah, 17, and Anthony, 18; Tyra, 18, and Alex, 18. Tyra’s younger sister, Tiarra, 16, who just gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Dee, 18, will also be on the show. In the season 3 premiere, McKayla and Caelan are at a crossroads in their relationship, and McKayla is ready to self-induce labor on her second child. Meanwhile, Chloe is essentially parenting Ava as a single mom while also attempting to maintain distance between her parents and her boyfriend Max, who may be facing jail time. Also, just days after her younger sister Tiarra gave birth to a baby girl, Tyra finds out that she is five months pregnant, and she is concerned about the health of her baby. And, much to Hailey’s dismay, Matthew has yet to introduce her to his sister, who has serious doubts about Matthew’s readiness to become a father.

This season will chronicle all the ups and downs for these couples. There will be drama, of course. These couples will face some tough realities all while preparing for the birth of a child or taking care of one.

TLC is also partnering with Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy, to help viewers use Unexpected as a way to spark meaningful conversations about unplanned pregnancies. Based on themes covered in the show, Power to Decide is creating discussion-starters, information and tips for young people and their parents, mentors and allies to jump-start open conversations and ensure all young people have the power to decide if, when and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child. These resources will be available for viewers at TLCme.com/FamilyResources.