‘Grand Hotel’s Bryan Craig: Javi Will Continue To ‘Step Up’ & ‘Starts To Fall For Ingrid More & More’

Javi's relationship with Ingrid is just going to get more complicated. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with 'Grand Hotel' star Bryan Craig about Javi's feelings for Ingrid, the big mysteries at play, and more.

Bryan Craig
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Ingrid telling Javi that he’s going to be a father, even though he really isn’t the father, has thrown Javi for a loop on Grand Hotel. Over the course of the first 4 episodes of the show’s first season, Javi has been actively taking steps to prepare for fatherhood. “You’re going to see Javi step up more and be more responsible,” Bryan Craig teased to HollywoodLife. “He starts to fall for Ingrid more and more as time goes on, and she falls more for him.”

Javi has yet to find out that Ingrid’s baby is not his. The father is actually Mateo. HollywoodLife asked Bryan whether or not he thinks Javi and Ingrid ultimately make a good match. “I think Javi and Ingrid would do well together if it didn’t start off the way it started off,” Bryan said. “You know what I mean? They have a lot of similarities. They’re both kinda mischievous, and I think they would fit. But I don’t see how it would work out after all this unfolds.”

Bryan noted that we’re “going to get all” of Javi’s backstory, including what happened the day Javi lost his leg. “We spend a lot of time flashing back to what happened and his process,” Bryan continued. “You know, going forward and getting older with the disability and all that.” Episode 8 of the show will be a very Javi-centric episode.

When it comes to Grand Hotel, there are multiple mysteries at play. The main mystery surrounds the disappearance of Sky, a former employee at the Riviera Grand and Danny’s sister. Only recently did fans learn that there’s a mystery revolving around Javi and Alicia’s late mother, who is played by Eva Longoria. In a flashback, Beatriz went to Gigi in hysterics over something that happened. She cried that if Santiago found out what she’d done, he’d kill her. “You’re going to get a lot of flashbacks of Eva, too, as the season goes on,” Bryan revealed. “Her part is quite big.”

Gigi ended up marrying Santiago after Beatriz died, which caused major tension between Gigi and Santiago’s kids. “I can say before Javi’s father and Gigi got together, Javi and Gigi were very close,” Bryan said. “I can also say that by the end of the season, they may not hate each other so much anymore.”

In regards to the Sky mystery, Bryan said that we will find out what happened at the end of the season and Javi does have a role in what happened. “Everyone’s involved in everyone’s storyline in one way or another,” Bryan said. “Even characters right now you might think are so not important, they’re very important. I can confidently say that no one will be able to guess what happened. I remember when we all went to the last table read for the season finale, and no one got it right.” Grand Hotel airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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