Channing Tatum Freaks Out Over Astrology App & Fans Are Laughing: ‘How Do You Know This Stuff?’

Channing Tatum wants answers, and pronto. The 'Magic Mike' star popped off in an emotional tirade after an astrology app used the 'exact words' from his recent therapy session.

Channing Tatum
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An astrology app just spooked the bejeezus out of Channing Tatum, 39. The Magic Mike star downloaded The Pattern, an app which uses your birthday and time of birth to deliver insights about your personality (via the stars) and also connects you with other users. But Channing received a little too many insights for his comfort level. “I need some answers. I don’t know if I’m late to this or if I’m early to this, But what is this Pattern sh**?” Channing began in a video rant on July 12. His paranoia went from 0-100, as he continued, “How do you know what you know about me, Pattern? People of the pattern, people that use the pattern, you need to dm me RIGHT NOW and tell me how you know this stuff. I don’t even know if I want to know this stuff…I don’t know if anybody should know this stuff.”

As for what “stuff” he was referring to, that apparently included sensitive information divulged in a private therapy session. “I was just in therapy yesterday — and yeah, I’m in therapy, whatever, everybody should be in therapy — and I just get a notification on my phone this morning. POOP! Pops up, and, using the exact words we were using in therapy.” Channing then demanded to know if his iPhone or the team behind The Pattern is eavesdropping on him and is “just regurgitating the stuff the stuff that [he’s] afraid of.”

Channing’s final request was a courtesy call or DM from The Pattern, ASAP, and fans were more than amused by the actor’s freak-out over an iOS app. “Hes [sic] an earth sign of course hes [sic] tryna find a logical explanation for it,” one fan tweeted, as Channing’s birthday falls on April 26 (he’s a Taurus, FYI). Other fans could empathize with Channing, such as Marvel’s Runaways star Ariela Barer. “The pattern ruined my life. Thank u Channing Tatum for this representation,” the actress tweeted. Grammy-nominee singer Sza also uses the app, as she tweeted on July 8, “My therapist put me on this app .. nothing but tea.”

It appears The Pattern crashed shortly after Channing’s rant, which many fans complained about on Twitter. “Channing Tatum crashed The Pattern app….or is it because Mercury is in Retrograde?” one person joked on Twitter. Well, the Step Up star’s clip certainly encouraged downloads as a flood of memes suggested, such as a GIF of Eric Andre shaking a gate and yelling, “LET ME IN,” and another clip of Tyra Banks eagerly typing away with the caption, “Me downloading the pattern app after looking at that Channing Tatum video to see if its real.”

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